Furniture reuse

Furniture reuse

The Furniture Store allows Macquarie University to re-use our office furniture on campus wherever possible. This not only saves money but helps us work towards our sustainability commitment as well.

The Furniture Store at a glance ...

Since 2010 we have

Re-used 8,880 items     Saved $2.4m

If you require furniture such as a bigger bookcase, a meeting room table or a visitor’s chair, you can request items from the store.

Ordering items is as easy as:

  1. Choose
  2. Request
  3. Deliver

How do I order items?

  1. Look in the online catalogue to find what you need.
  2. Fill in the online request form.
  3. Item(s) are delivered within 21 days free of charge.

Where is the store?

Level 0, 18 Wally’s Walk. Entry is via the breezeway under the building. You can look at items either during our open times or by making an appointment. Contact us to find out the next open time.

How do I dispose of items?

Arrange collection of excess furniture by filling in an online customer service request.

When disposing of items:

  • Remove the item(s) from the Assets Register if necessary (see Assets Disposal Policy).
  • Remember that any item going into the furniture store becomes part of the general pool, which means you will lose ownership of it. This is not a storage facility.

Need new furniture?

If you need to order new furniture, send your request to Property by way of a BEIMS request, Customer Service request, or call Customer Service on ext. 7145.


Does it have a key?

Most items in the Furniture Store don't have keys. If a key is included, then it specifically says this in the Online Catalogue. To get a key cut, simply fill in the Property Service Request form.

What do the measurements mean?

  • Length = how long the item is
  • Width = how far the item sticks out from the wall
  • Height = how tall the item is

All measurements are in centimeters.

Can I store my furniture at 18WW?

No. There are no facilities to store furniture. All furniture that goes into the Furniture Store becomes part of the re-use scheme and is available to others.

Can I take furniture home?

From time to time we have open days to dispose of surplus furniture where staff and students are invited to take items home. Usually we ask for a charitable gold coin donation. Open days are advertised through the usual University channels.

You haven't got what I need, can I put a request in?

Yes. Items are constantly coming into the store. Send us an email detailing what you need and we can let you know when something comes in.

Do I need to pay for furniture?

No, you do not need to pay either for furniture or the associated transport costs, unless an external contractor is engaged to perform the move.

Can I reserve an item?

We can reserve items for a maximum of 1 week.

Where do items come from?

Items come from various sources across the University, including:

  • surplus items
  • relocations
  • refurbishments
  • major projects
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