Workflow for approvers

Workflow for approvers

The three-step publication process

There are three steps in the publication process:

  1. the author writes and edits content
  2. the approver reviews and approves content
  3. the author publishes approved content.

This guide covers the second step, and outlines the approver's tasks to review and approve content for publication on the Macquarie University website.

Guidance on good content, including writing for the web, accessibility and style, is available from other guides.

Approver role and responsibilities

The approver must consider whether content:

  • reflects good website practice
  • is consistent with the rules that apply to content on the University’s website
  • supports the strategic goals of the University, faculty and business unit

The approver must also confirm that the page and its content is actually ‘owned’ by their faculty or business unit.

Workflow — review and approve

Approvers (like authors) use the Edit+ interface in Squiz Matrix (the University’s content management system).

Using this system, approvers will need to:

  • login to Squiz Matrix and open a page that has been submitted to you for review and publication
  • review a page (and, if required, request amendment)
  • approve a page for publication.

Once a page has been approved for publication, the approver should notify the author who can then publish the page.

1. Notification

An example of a auto-generated email

You may receive one of two automatic emails with notification of a page that needs approval:

  • Initial email to approvers specified for your department or business unit.
  • Reminder email sent to ALL approvers in your faculty or department from Squiz Matrix if review has not been completed within seven days.

The email has four options:

  • preview URL – open the page to review the content
  • go to workflow screen – open Squiz Matrix
  • approve changes –click if you are ready to approve the content
  • reject changes – click if you want to reject the content.

NOTE: You can set up a rule to place all automatic workflow emails in a specific folder in Outlook.

Refer to our guide: workflow in Outlook for advice on how to do this.

The Squiz Matrix login screen

2. Review content

In your email notification click Preview URL. This will open the page in preview mode.

Refer to the approver checklist for issues to look out for.

You may be prompted to login when you click a link. Enter your OneID and password, then click Login.

A diagram showing how to set up a workflow rule in Outlook

3. Approve, reject or return for revision

A screenshot showing where to click to approve or reject content

Open the original notification email after you have completed your review of the content.

As appropriate click either Approve Changes or Reject Changes.

This will open Squiz Matrix and complete the task automatically.

Notify the author that you have approved or rejected the content. If approved, the author can proceed to publish the content.


  • An author who needs to make edits after content has been submitted for approval will need to have the request rejected before they can edit it.
  • You will not receive automatic notification when the author has published a page.
  • It can take several hours for content to appear on the public website after it has been published by the author.

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