Changes to the website publishing process

Changes to the website publishing process

Changes to website publishing

The way content is published on the Macquarie University website is changing. By the middle of 2019, publication of any new or changed content will require at least two people – an Author to create the content and an Approver to approve the content before it can be published.

This workflow requirement will be introduced in stages across the University starting with the faculties and moving to other business units early in 2019.

When workflow is implemented, the responsibility for web publishing in the new process will be shared by content owners, content Authors and Approvers.

workflow diagram

Content owners are the senior managers in charge of a faculty or business unit.  For example, Faculty General Managers and their delegated representatives (Content Managers). They are responsible for:

  • prioritising content for publication
  • articulating the strategic purpose for the content on their pages
  • allocating time and resources for content creation and publication

Authors and Approvers will be appointed by the Content Owners or Content Managers.  They are the people who actually create and publish the content online using the content management system (Squiz Matrix).

How the process works

The way Squiz Matrix works will be changed to require a two-step workflow for all website content. This means an Author — the person who creates content — will need to send their work to an Approver to review and — if appropriate — approve the content before it can be published.

What happens next?

Prior to implementation each faculty and business unit will be consulted to:

  • confirm the web pages they are responsible for (i.e. pages they own)
  • validate who should be involved and what their roles should be in web publishing in the faculty or business unit

Workflow will be applied to a faculty or business unit’s content after:

  • the scope of content owned by the faculty or business unit has been confirmed
  • publishing roles have been validated
  • staff have received training in the changes to their web publishing roles and responsibilities

More information

We'll be publishing more information about workflow in subsequent newsletters. As we roll out the process, you'll be invited to attend information sessions about how the new workflow process will work.

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