Author checklist

Author checklist

Website content

This checklist will help you ensure the web content you create meets your audience's needs.

By applying good web style, the content you create will be logically structured, easily scannable and readily found by search engines.

1. Why are you creating this content?

  • Who asked for this content to be created? Are they authorised to make the request for that part of the website?
  • Why are you creating this page?
  • Is the content expressed clearly?
  • What do you want to achieve by publishing the content?
  • How will you know if this page achieves your goals?
  • Who is the audience for this content?

2. Content quality

User focus
  • Is the content written in a language and style the audience understands?
  • Does the text include all keywords or search terms that you imagine readers would use to find this content?
Tasks and goals
  • Are the tasks or goals clearly shown?
  • Can the user act on instructions?
  • Is the ‘call to action’ concise, prominent and displayed towards the top of the page. For example: ‘Apply Now’, ‘Register Now’.
  • Does the content answer what the user might be looking for?
Written for the web
  • Has the content been written for the web?
    Remember writing for the web is different: Think backwards. Key points should come first, followed by supporting information. Lead with your biggest punch.
  • Does the content reflect the Macquarie University style requirements?
  • Is the content up to date?
  • Have you made a reminder to yourself to archive the site if the content will expire at a specific time (for example after an event)? This can be set to occur automatically from the details screen in the edit interface of the CMS.
  • Are related pages and links up to date?
  • Have you removed or archived old content?
  • Does the content on the page already exist somewhere else? If yes, then you should link to it rather than create a new page.
Right location
  • Does the content sit in a logical place on the website? Is this where it should be on the Macquarie University information architecture?
  • On the metadata screen, is the SEO page details information accurate? Make sure the spelling is correct. This information shows up on a Google search – it may be the first information a user sees!
Images and attachments
  • Are the alt tags for images meaningful?
  • Are images appropriate?
  • Have images been correctly resized?
  • Are links to attachments labelled appropriately with name, type and file size (for example ‘PDF, 3MB’)?
Mobile friendly
  • Is the content mobile friendly?
  • Does the content meet the Macquarie University accessibility requirements?

3. Workflow

Contact details
  • Is the correct business unit listed as the Page Owner for the page (ie the email that appears on the bottom of the page is correct)?
  • Is the person you want to send the page to for approval available?
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