Approver checklist

Approver checklist

Website content

This checklist will help you ensure that content meets the required standards before you approve it for publication on the Macquarie University website.

1. Why has this content been created?

  • Who asked for this content to be created? Are they authorised to make the request for that part of the website?
  • Is the purpose clear?
  • Does the content support the purpose of the part of the site where it will be published?
  • Does the content support the University’s strategic directions and your business units’ goals and objectives?
  • Does the content on the page already exist somewhere else? If yes, then you should link to it rather than create a new page.
  • Who is the audience for this content? Is it clear who the content is for?

2. User focus

Content structure
  • Is the content structured to meet user needs?
  • Is the key message clear and at the top of the content?
  • Is there a clear and logical flow?
Tasks and goals
  • Is it immediately clear what this page offers the user? Are tasks and next steps clear?

3. Content quality

  • Is the content up to date?
  • Do links to other content work?
  • Has old content been archived?
Writing style
  • Is the content written for the web?
  • Does the content include good use of descriptive headings, sub-headings and dot points?
  • Is it in keeping with the Macquarie University Style Guide?
  • Have you checked text for accuracy (names, typos etc)?
  • Do images and multimedia enhance the content (not merely decorative)?

4. Approval


Are you confident that the content meets compliance requirements? This includes:

  • accessibility
  • style
  • information architecture.
  • Are you confident the Content Manager and Owner will support publication of this content?
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