Uploading and finding assets in Squiz

Uploading and finding assets in Squiz

There may be a time when you need to upload an image or file to your webpage. To do so it is important to understand how uploading and finding assets in Squiz works.

Uploading assets:

To upload an asset in Squiz, start by clicking “New”A pop-up called “Asset Creation Wizard” will appear. Click on the “Files” tab

You can then select the type of file you wish to upload. For this example, we will select Image.

You will be asked to upload your file and fill in details about your new asset:

Fill in the Title, Alt Text and Caption sections – these are important for search engine optimisation.

There are a couple options when it comes to selecting the location where you save your asset. If you click on Select New Location you can choose exactly where you would like to save it. If you decide on Select Current Asset this will save your image within the page folder that you are currently working in.

Hit Create and your Asset will be uploaded within Squiz.

To use this asset within your content you will need to know how to find it.

Finding assets

Select the content container that you wish to add your image to and hit the image icon.

Click on the pick asset button (next to the ID required section)

The Asset Finder will open. Navigate through the folders to where you have saved it.

Updating assets

To update an asset in Squiz click on the “Open Asset Finder”

Find the image or asset that you wish to update and select it.

You can then update the Title, Alt Text, Caption or even upload a new image here to replace it. (This will then update anywhere that you have used this particular image/asset).

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