The Linking screen and what it does

The Linking screen and what it does

The Linking screen and what it does

The Linking screen is a very useful tool that allows you to manipulate your assets within Squiz.

When you work in the Edit+ interface, you will spend most of your time adding content in the Content screen, changing the asset status in the Details screen, or adding a page description in the Metadata screen.

But there’s another screen that you can see, the Linking screen. You may never have used it, but it can be used to:

  1. Hide or show an asset in the menu
  2. Find out what other assets the current asset is linked to (the asset’s parents)
  3. Move the asset to another location in your website.
  4. See what other assets are linked to the current asset (the asset’s children)
  5. Change the order of the asset’s children

What all the buttons do

Moving an asset to a new location

Suppose you created a new page in your website, but you accidentally put it in the wrong place. Don’t worry, you can use the Linking screen to move it to the correct position. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the page’s Linking screen.
  2. Select New Location Link -- the Asset Finder will open up
  3. In the Asset Finder, click the place you want to move your page to. In this example, I’ve chosen the Gardening folder:

Select new location for the asset

  1. Click Select and you’ll be returned to the Linking screen.
    You’ll now see that your page is in two places – in the original place you created it, and also in the new place you’ve just selected.

    Your page is now in two locations

  2. Now all you need to do is remove the original link by clicking the red circle next to the link:

    Removing the old location

  3. Click Save in the top right corner to save your changes – you’ll see that the page is now only located in the Gardening folder. You can confirm this by checking in the Asset Finder if you need to.

The screen with the new location

Moving an asset’s children

Suppose you’re not happy with the order that your pages appear in the menu. You can easily change this using the Linking screen.

For example, if you wanted to change the order of your department’s menu items so that Engage with us is below Our research, it’s easily done.

Change menu order

On the Parent asset’s Linking screen, go to the section that says Direct Children. In this case, it’s the Department of Sociology landing page (don’t worry, we’re not really going to move your menu items around).

Hover your cursor near the left side of the asset you want to move. Then simply drag to rearrange the order of the assets.

Make sure you save your changes when you’re happy with the new order.drag to rearrange the child assets

After you’ve saved your changes, you should see the new menu order when you preview your page.

the rearranged menu

For more information about the linking screen, visit the Squiz Matrix online user manuals.

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