Setting multiple assets live with one click

Setting multiple assets live with one click

Setting multiple assets live with one click

Here’s your guide to the shortcut that lets you update the status of your page AND all its images, files or child pages.

When it comes to setting your content live, you need to make sure every individual asset connected to your page is live—ie. each image, PDF file, child page, and so on.

If your images and documents aren’t showing up on a page you’ve made live, check that they aren’t still under construction and follow this guide.

Image of Squiz's Edit+ interface, showing a parent asset with a green live bar and three child assets with blue under construction bars

The more assets your page has, the less appealing one-by-one status updates sound.

Enter cascading status changes.

When changing the status of your parent asset, tick the cascade status change box beside the drop-down. If your parent asset is already live but its children are not, don’t worry. Just tick the cascade status change box anyway and save. The status of the child assets will all change to the same status as the parent.

The cascade status change box on the details screen

Before cascading a status change:

  1. Make sure that everything under your top asset is ready to go live, and
  2. Check under the Linking tab that ‘no’ is selected for assets that shouldn’t appear in the site menu.

Of course, cascading status changes aren’t limited to setting things live. You’re also able to place your group of assets under construction at once, or archive them with the tick of a box. If you want to do this, make sure that you aren’t archiving an asset that’s linked elsewhere—for example an image that’s also used in a different page that will be staying live.

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