Replacing an old image in Squiz

Replacing an old image in Squiz

Replacing an old image in Squiz

If you’ve got an out-of-date image or document on your webpage here’s how you can update it easily.

1. Start by uploading your new image. Hit 'New' in the top left corner

2. In the 'Asset Creation Wizard' hit 'Files' and then 'Image'

3. Upload your new image. Make a note of the location/folder that you are saving your image.

4. Now go to the Content screen of the page with the image you wish to replace and click on the image. This should highlight the image icon:

5. Click on the image icon and a small box will appear. Click the asset picker tool to select your new image:

6. Now select the Asset / new image that you uploaded in Step 3 from the asset finder and hit select. This will replace the old image

If you need to update an image or document that appears in several places on the website you can overwrite the existing asset with the new one. This is a great way to update documents and images in bulk and in various locations on the website.

To do this, go to the details screen of the existing asset that needs to be changed and hit upload a new image. The new asset will be updated and will appear where ever the previous image or document was displayed on the website.

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