Moving files in Squiz

Moving files in Squiz

Moving files in Squiz

You're cruising the website and you've found some files or images in the wrong location. You'd like to move them to somewhere more logical - but how? An organised website is much easier to manage, so read on to find out how you can use the LINKING screen to get those rogue files under control.

For example, here is a page I've created that has an image and a pdf file. The page looks tidy, the image is clear and the pdf link works:

However, when I look at the asset finder, there are folders for storing pdf files and image files, but my image and my file are floating around by themselves:

asssets are in the wrong place

Ideally, these assets should be saved in their appropriate folders. It's easy to do using each asset's LINKING screen.

To move the image, go to the asset finder and select the image:

Go to the image's LINKING screen and select New Location Link.

The asset finder will open, and you can navigate to the Images folder. Select the image folder.

You will be returned to the image's LINKING screen. There will now be two Link Locations:

All you need to do now is remove the link location that you don't want. To do this, click the red circle with the white bar in it to the right of the unwanted link:

Make sure you save the changes.

And that's it! The image is now where it should be, in the images folder.

You can use the same process to move the pdf file.

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