Introducing GEM — Global Experience Macquarie

Introducing GEM — Global Experience Macquarie

Introducing GEM — Global Experience Macquarie

The Global Experience Language (more commonly known as GEL), is a shared design framework. It's a system of reusable interaction patterns used to assemble an organisation's entire online output.

Macquarie's global experience language, which we have named GEM (short for Global Experience Macquarie), aims to provide a consistent user experience (UX) across multiple Macquarie University online services. This is vitally important for our brand awareness and usability into the future. For our audiences, GEM provides ease of use, familiarity and the confidence to explore more of our online content. For our design teams, GEM increases our efficiency and productivity. And as a shared system, it supports collaboration.

At the moment, our web services are all designed differently. We have different designs for different web pages, special exceptions, a host of different layouts, buttons and image sizes. There's no consistency, and it's confusing for both our internal and external users.

The new GEM portal

GEM will allow us rationalise the design of our online estate. We'll do this by consolidating our most common interaction patterns (eg. menus and promos), and standardising our foundations (eg. typography and iconography). But like any language, GEM is constantly evolving. We will continue to work to improve its value and appeal, and we will publish our work on the GEM portal.

An internet-fit Macquarie University must support an increasing amount of content with a greater range of expression. Yet it must hang together as a coherent suite of trusted, easy-to-navigate services. GEM helps us achieve this, both creatively and effectively.

See GEM in action on the Faculty of Arts website

The Macquarie Digital team h as started working on converting all of our public website to the GEM system. We're proud to announce that our first victims, the Faculty of Arts, went live with the new system yesterday. Have a look at the new Faculty of Arts web pages to see the system in action.




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