How to clear your cache in a browser

How to clear your cache in a browser

How to clear your cache in a browser

Have you ever noticed that sometimes after creating some fabulous new content on your webpage, you go to view it in your browser and none of your changes are showing up?

Often the reason is that your browser just reverts to a ‘cached’ copy of your page. The cache is a collection of web pages that are stored on your hard drive. Having a local copy of your web pages makes them very quick to download next time you go to them, rather than downloading the content again (videos, images etc) next time you visit the page.

All you need to do is clear your cache, which forces your browser to retrieve the newest copy available. Easily done! The process is a little different, however, depending on the browser you’re using. See instructions below for each browser type.


1. Choose Tools then Options from the very top navigation of the page 

2.  Choose Privacy from the left-hand navigation of the options page

3. In the history section, click on the link that says Clear History

4. In the window that appears, select how far back you would like to clear and uncheck everything except for Cache

5. click Clear Now.


1. At the top right click the three vertical dots

2.  Choose More Tools / Clear Browsing Data

3.  In the window that appears, choose a time range. To delete everything, select ‘all time’

4. Uncheck everything except Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files

5. Click Clear data

Internet Explorer/Edge

1. At the top right click the three vertical dots

2. Choose Settings

3. Click on clear browsing data / choose what to clear

4. Uncheck everything except for Cached data and files

5. Click Clear

If you are using an older version of IE clearing the cache is done from the Delete Browsing History area. From here, check Temporary Internet files and website files and then click or tap Delete.


In Apple's Safari browser, clearing your cache is done by clicking on Safari's Preferences and selecting Privacy. Click on Manage Website Data and when a small pop-up appears, select Remove All.

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