Make sure your web pages end up on the Nice List

Make sure your web pages end up on the Nice List

Make sure your web pages end up on the Nice List

The holiday season is well and truly here, along with its various inevitabilities—last-minute shopping, over-eating, Michael Bublé, and a perfect opportunity to sort out the Squiz content you aren’t using.

Like the proverbial needle, your most useful assets become hard to find when the haystack of outdated, archived, forever-under-construction and duplicate assets build up around them. A bit of spring cleaning would make it all so much easier—but time is always scarce, isn’t it?

Except right now, during the wind-down of December and the gradual restart of January. There’s no better time to get everything in order and give yourself a head start for the rest of 2019.

Colour codes are here to help

Making the Squiz colour codes second nature lets you sort your assets much more quickly. Looking for the brown archived pages is a good way to start weeding out material that isn’t actually contributing anything.

Pages that are under construction also aren’t doing anything except clogging up your site. If you’re actively working on your blue-coded pages then make sure you hold on to them, but if not, it’s time to let these drafts go.

Automatically make your good pages better

If the convenience isn’t enough motivation, what about the fact that clearing out the rubbish will help your relevant pages perform better?

There is a lot of duplicate content on the Macquarie website overall:

And without naming any names, some areas are worse than others.

Not all of this comes from fully duplicated pages; it also pays to make sure paragraphs aren’t unnecessarily repeated across the site.

Duplicate content doesn’t just make it harder for staff, students and visitors to find the correct information. It confuses search engines as well, so pages with duplicates will perform worse when people Google them (which students and prospective students tend to do).

Going through and finding the content you don’t want or need anymore is an easy hack for improving the rankings of the content you do want people to see. Another easy way to make sure the people looking for your content can actually find it is to check that the links on your web pages aren’t broken.

Once you’ve made your list of things that should be deleted or repaired, lodge a ticket and the web team will assist.

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