Get the Squads: FAQ

Get the Squads: FAQ

Get the Squads: FAQ

Agile marketing squads are rolling out across the university’s faculties and offices right now, and each one includes a dedicated digital representative who will spend time on site with you each week. Wondering what this means for you? We’ve answered some key questions about how the squads will relate to your role as a Squiz editor.

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Q: I need to edit some outdated content. Is this now something I ask the digital squad member sitting in my faculty/office about?

A: No. Squads won’t be taking away from your current role as a Squiz editor. Go ahead and update that content!

Q: I need some more complicated changes made to a web page. Should I take these to my squad member directly?

A: No. If your Squiz skills don’t cover the changes, submit a OneHelp ticket. This will give you faster resolution because our team’s dedicated ticketmaster can assign it to the person with the best capacity.

Q: My faculty/office needs new pages constructed. Is this a job for our digital squad member?

A: Yes. Larger digital projects like this are squad material! Bear in mind that your faculty/office’s squad member won’t always be doing the work on their own—they’ll take the task back to the digital team and make sure it’s carried out by the people with the most relevant skills. In the same way, your squad member will sometimes be working on projects for other Macquarie stakeholders at the same time as being your digital contact.

Q: I’ve forgotten how to do something in Squiz. Is my squad member now my first port of call for help?

A: Your best bet is still to check past articles from this newsletter. If your question hasn’t been answered, head to the closest drop-in session or refresh your Squiz training.

In short, the new model shouldn’t change your way of working much at all. As squad members, we’re here to get the best picture of larger tasks your faculty or office needs done, not to step on your toes when it comes to editing your own pages as you normally would.

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