Embedding videos in Squiz correctly

Embedding videos in Squiz correctly

Embedding videos in Squiz correctly

Videos have a compelling way of captivating your audience and fostering engagement, ultimately giving you more online exposure.

Have you got a great YouTube video that you would like to share on your webpage?

Here is a step-by-step guide to embedding videos in Squiz correctly. Follow these steps to ensure your videos are mobile optimised.

1. Create a new Link asset under the videos folder (Link: Videos (Id: #42603)).

2. Before you can edit your new link asset you will need to go to YouTube to get the correct URL to embed.

In a new tab/window, go to you the URL of your YouTube video and click share.

3. Click embed, don’t just select copy.

4. A window with your video and an embed code will pop up. Untick ‘Show suggested videos when the video finishes’ and copy only the highlighted part of the link.

Note: Make sure to include the the protocol in the video URL (e.g: 'https:').

5. Return to your Squiz Window and edit the Link asset. Navigate to it's Details screen, and paste the URL of your video.

6. Save all the changes. Don't forget to change the status from Under Construction to Approve and make live.

7. Now, navigate to the Content screen of the page that you want to embed the video on.

8. Click on the Insert New Container icon and choose Nested content as the Content type.

9. After your new Nested Content Container has been created, use the asset picker to select the Link asset that you created in the previous steps.

10. Click on the Show additional options button to reveal the advanced nesting options. In the Paint Layouts section, choose Select from a list of predefined Paint Layouts from the list of available options in the drop down. This action should reveal another drop down with a list of options.

11. From this new drop down, choose Video - Embedded from the list of available options.

12. Save all the changes and you’re done.

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