Creating news and events in Squiz

Creating news and events in Squiz

Creating news and events in Squiz

Does your area of the university have news you can’t wait to showcase? Perhaps you have an upcoming event that you would love people to register for? Here’s how you can add news and events on your webpage.

Creating a news item

1. Go to your department's new page - in this example we're using the news page for the Faculty of Arts Department of Media,Music, Communication and Cultural Studies.
To edit the page, append " /_edit" to the url (don't use the inverted commas)

2. On the top right of the window, press the “Asset Finder” button (middle of the 3 white buttons in the image below)

3. Select the asset “News and events [458507]”, “then News [585166]”, and then the folder “news [585189]”. Press “Select” on the bottom right corner of the “Asset Finder” window.

This will take you to a window that looks like this:

4. On the top left of the window, press the “New” button.

5. Press “News Item”, which will open a window like this:

6. Type the title of the news item in the “Title” box and press “Select Current Asset” button. Then press “Create”.

7. After your news item has been created, press the “Edit” button 

8. Select “No” for Show Contact Name, Show Phone Number, Show Contact Email.

9. To select an image that you want to be shown on the “News and Events” page, press “Select in the “Related Image section”. This will take you to “Asset Finder” again, click “Find Current Asset” on the top right of the “Asset Finder” window.

10.  Click on the image asset you have uploaded prior to this, and press “Select” on the bottom right. Make sure that the image has the dimensions of 180x320 pixels.

11. Click “Save” (top left green button)

12. Click the “Metadata” button at the top and scroll to the bottom till you see the section “news-dates” and select the date you desire. This will be displayed on the main news and events page on top of the summary of the tile.

Adding content to your news item

1. While on the News asset that you want to populate, press the “Content” button on the top navigation bar.

2. In the “Summary” box, type a short and brief description of the news you would like to share. This will be displayed on the tile in the “News and events” main page. (A tip is to grab the first full sentence of the article)

3. In the “Body” box, type and populate all the content you want on the news.

4. Click “Save” (top left green button)

Publish your news

14. Return to the Details screen and change the status of the news item. In the “Status” section, click the dropdown box in “Change?” and select “Approve and Make Live”. Save your changes.

Creating an Event 

1. Creating an event is similar to creating a news item. You'll need to navigate to the Events folder this time. Click the  “New” button.

3. Press “Event” on the left nav and select “Single Calendar Event”

4. Fill in the detail, as you prefer for the event.

5. Follow the same steps as you would if creating a news item

6. Once the event has been created, press “Edit” ( the same as you would with a news item).

7. Go into the “Content” button and fill in the “Event Description” box with text and images

8. Click “Save” (top left green button)

9. Go back to the details screen, and in the status section, select "Approve and make live". Save your changes

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