Request a short URL

Request a short URL

When creating campaigns and associated content and collateral, it is often necessary to include URLs to web pages. Real URLs are often too long so we create shorter versions of these called 'vanity' or 'short' URLs that redirect to the real addresses. These also work like the real address, but are much more marketing friendly.

Historically these have been set up in a variety of formats, but we now follow a standard format and all short URLs require the approval of the marketing unit prior to set up. 

To request a short URL

  1. Check the current list
    Review the current list of short URL redirects already set up. If you find one that works for you, just go ahead and use that in your campaign.
  2. Request a new short URL
    If you can't find a suitable URL, prepare your request for a new one. If you require campaign tracking via Google Analytics, ensure you set this up prior so we can use the custom URL you create as the destination for the new short one.

Some simple tips to speed up approval

Short URLs should be:

  • readable (real English)
  • memorable (think keywords)
  • short (1-2 words separated by a hyphen)
  • follow directly after
  • lower case

Try to avoid:

  • acronyms or odd abbreviations (try the 'read aloud on the radio' test)
  • insider terminology or jargon (meaning terms only you'd understand, and not your target audience).

When you are ready, fill in our URL request form and a OneHelp ticket will be logged so you can track its progress.

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