Page layouts

Page layouts

The Macquarie University site employs a hybrid page layout. 

The hybrid page layout combines the fluid design for the application header with a fixed width design for the rest of the content area.


  • Fluid: The size of the UI automatically adjusts to fit the size of the user’s browser. 
  • Fixed: Constrains the overall width of the content and horizontally centers it on the page.

The default page is made up of three (3) columns.


  • Inside navigation 
  • Page content 
  • Right column widgets

Types and features

Type Features Desktop Mobile
Main Content only Main Main
Site home (L3 or lower) Sidebar and content optional aside (right hand nav) Site home (L3 or lower) Site home (L3 or lower)
Index Sidebar and content, optional aside (right hand nav) Index Index
Article Sidebar and content optional aside (right hand nav) Article Article


What if my page requires more than one layout?
Generally speaking, the layout of a site should remain consistent. If you believe you require a different layout to support a critical business function, please get in touch with your Portfolio Partner. 

Who will maintain my site?
Provided that you or a member of your team has been trained in Matrix, you will be responsible for maintaining the content on your site. Functionality and the creation of new pages is the responsibility of Group Marketing.

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