Digital brand guidelines

Digital brand guidelines


These guidelines have been created as living documentation of Macquarie University's visual online presence.

We have combined the principles of good design with our brand identity system to create a unified experience across all platforms.

While it’s important that these specifications are adhered to at all times, they are not designed to be restrictive. Rather, the aim is to encourage creativity within the parameters of the defined brand identity system.

Where applicable, we have also included the relevant HTML and CSS code to use for certain elements.

This section is to highlight the suite of options guardians of the Macquarie brand can use in digital environments. If you need assistance in setting up the functionality discussed in our digital brand guidelines, visit the Content Maintenance Guide for a step by step guide. If you require further assistance, please submit a OneHelp ticket.

  • Undergraduate


    Learn the styling behind call to action buttons and how and where to apply them.

  • Study Abroad fees


    Best practice use cases for our Macquarie colours in the digital environment.

  • Pathway program fees

    Expandable information

    Have a lot of content on a page? Expandable information containers may help.

  • Study Abroad fees


    Need people to contact you/your area? Learn what forms you can use.

  • Pathway program fees


    Learn more about the heading level styles and where to apply them.

  • Pathway program fees


    Discover the different use cases for galleries and carousels.

  • Postgraduate

    Page layouts

    Discover the various template options Macquarie uses on our websites.

  • Pathway program fees

    Pull out quotes

    Want to highlight prominent key text? Learn when and where to use pull out quotes.

  • Pathway program fees


    Content can be separated into tabular data. Find out where and why to use tabs.

  • optus-tile


    Tables are used for organising data. Learn when and where to represent content and information in tables.

  • Pathway program fees


    Want to know when to use embedded video? Discover the options available to you.

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