Our team of digital specialists can collaborate with you on everything from web design and site structure to navigation, engagement and analytics.

On this page you'll find information about what we do, the support process, training and resources, ways to contact us and what's new.

What we do

  • Web development and managment support

    Website design, development and management

    Provide support in building well-structured, optimised and efficient web pages so that you can easily and effectively engage with your users.

  • Training and support

    Training support and governance

    Offer ongoing training to improve your web publishing skills so that, as a community, we can achieve the best outcomes for the University's website.

  • Audience engagement and management

    Audience engagement and management

    Assist with customer relationship management through the building and delivery of email/SMS campaigns, lead capturing and nurturing.


Global Experience Macquarie (GEM)

GEM is Macquarie University's design system for our many web collaborators. It is a system of guidelines, components and layouts that simplifies the process of designing, building and editing the university website. This allows us to create digital products that are consistent and provide great user experiences for our users.

Explore GEM

The support process

Most areas of the University have a locally trained editor who knows how to use Squiz Matrix, our content management system (CMS). You should contact them first if you require website support. Below is what the support process looks like.

  • If you need any kind of changes to your web pages
  • Contact your LOCAL EDITOR
  • For complex changes your LOCAL EDITOR should submit a OneHelp ticket The digital team will respond to the request
  • For new projects contact your DIGITAL SQUAD MEMBER

Training and support

As a content editor, you have access to continuous training and support to help you create and maintain web content across the University’s website.

Using our expertise, you can get:

  • Advice with creating and publishing web content
  • Training — both for web authors and content approvers
  • Support with monitoring performance and implementing best digital practices.

Here is the range of training and support that's currently available:

  • Squiz beginner training

    Who should attend?

    • - If you are required to publish content or update web pages
    • - If you haven’t received training in Squiz at Macquarie University.

    How to book

    Approval from your supervisor is required to undertake this training.

    Book the Squiz beginner training

    Note: If no sessions are scheduled, please submit a OneHelp ticket requesting training. Once you've attended the training, you'll be provided with an access to update your pages.

  • Drop-in sessions

    Who should attend?

    • - If you are an intermediate Squiz editor
    • - If you have a particular question or want to learn something specific.

    How to book

    This session is conducted by our digital experts,

    Book into a drop-in-session

    Note: If you book into a session and can't make it, let the web team know that you won’t be attending.

  • Writing for the web training

    Who should attend?

    • - Current page editors
    • - New editors
    • - Anyone who contributes content to our website.

    How to book

    Writing for web training will be available soon.

    Note: This training is an overview of good practices for creating website content.

Other resources

  • Squiz newsletter – Get the Squiz
    Did you know you can make your table responsive so when you view it on mobile, you can still view all the content? As a content editor, you receive our monthly Squiz newsletter with information and helpful tips so you can get the most from Squiz.
  • Content maintenance guide
    Need assistance with how to use and implement certain functionality or widgets in Squiz CMS?

Ways to contact us

You can get help by:

  • Raising a ticket

    via Onehelp

    • - Click 'Request something', select 'ICT', 'Web Collaboration & Multimedia' and then select 'Website'

    Some examples:

    - Request a short URL
    - Creation and removal of pages or other asset
    - reporting of other issues.

  • Attend a drop-in session

    You should attend:

    • - If you are an intermediate Squiz editor
    • - You have a particular question or want to learn how to do certain things.

    Book into a drop-in-session

  • Bigger projects?

    If you have a new website build that requires greater involvement from the web team, please contact your portfolio partner.

    Larger projects may require user experience and page navigation designs, or resources to develop specific functionality.

OneHelp requests will usually be responded to within two working days. Resolution of the request may take longer, depending on the nature of the request.

What's new

Workflow process

Implementing workflow

The way content is published on the Macquarie University websites is changing.

By mid 2019, at least two people will be required to publish any content – an author and an approver.

Find out more about changes to website publishing process.

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