Future Students

Future Students

Jessica Boey
Events Partner
E: jessica.boey@mq.edu.au
P: (02) 9850 1104

Linda Li
Digital Producer (CRM)
E: linda.li@mq.edu.au
P: (02) 9850 7259

Danny Smith
Digital Marketing Manager
E: danny.smith@mq.edu.au
P: (02) 9850 7251

Adam Lennard
Web Producer
E: adam.lennard@mq.edu.au
P: (02) 9850 7258

Tiffany Aldridge
Campaign Manager
E: tiffany.aldridge@mq.edu.au
P: (02) 9850 7559

Leisa Coppinger
Marketing Officer
E: leisa.coppinger@mq.edu.au
P: (02) 9850 6045

    How to request work

    • Large campaigns

      Requiring input from multiple squad members such as:

      - University-wide initiatives
      (Hearing Strategy) 
      - Open Day campaign
      - New product launch (Global MBA)
      - Major event planning
      - Curriculum transformation
      - ERA results

      Your Squad's Planning Director 

    • Small projects

      Small but substantial projects such as:

      - New web page build
      - Event registration
      - Marketing flyers
      - Pull-up banners
      - General internal communications
      - Photoshoots
      - Consolidating web pages 

      Your relevant Squad member 

    • Ad-hoc requests

      Fast-track small, ad hoc requests such as:

      - Suggesting a 'This Week' story
      - Brand templates (PowerPoint, Word)
      - Events toolkit
      - Find how to log into Squiz
      - Ad-hoc email request
      - Update web page content

      Submit a OneHelp ticket

    Still not sure who to contact?

    Email f.s.squad@mq.edu.au

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