Staff and students receive lots of information every day from various authors, via various channels. With all this traffic it can be easy for messages to get lost. Communications-themed workshops are available through HR's Staff Skills Development and can help you to make sure your messages reach the right people.

Courses include:

Communicating effectively

  • Refresh core communication skills including active listening and questioning techniques
  • Build effectiveness in communicating clearly, confidently, and assertively with others
  • Improve your confidence and effectiveness in communicating with others

Writing with clarity

  • Learn to write complex information in a clear and sensible way without losing accuracy or rigour
  • Understand how to write effective emails at work
  • Understand how to create a professional and helpful tone and choose the right words

Writing to persuade

  • Learn how to present options concisely and in a balanced way
  • Understand how to decide what to put in and what to leave out
  • Learn two basic structures for presenting a case and develop the skills needed to be more efficient in your writing

View upcoming courses here and register to attend via HR Online.

If there are other aspects of communication that you are interested in developing your skills, please get in touch with the Communication team.

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