Brand templates

Macquarie University has a range of print publication, presentation and web templates — predesigned formats and layouts that follow the Macquarie brand guidelines.

You should try to use templates where appropriate rather than create your own designs, as  this is both cost effective and ensures the University can present a consistent and professional image.

Microsoft Office templates are intended for the everyday user for day-to-day business use.

InDesign templates are only to be used by trained professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled with InDesign software.

If you are unable to download any of the templates, you can contact Group Marketing for assistance.

Please click through for the following templates:

Entity devices

Macquarie University is a complex organisation with many different entities including departments, functions, centres, and whole subsidiaries engaging with a variety of audiences.

As the University — the parent brand — aims to tell a coherent story about itself, it is important to ask how these entities relate to the University brand through nomenclature and their own look and feel.

Going forward there will be a primary emphasis on the Macquarie University parent brand.

For further information please refer to the Brand Guideline.

Light graphic designs

Each print template design comes in two light graphic design variants, one used predominately for internal audiences and the other for external audiences.

Please ensure that you use the template design that best suits the purpose of the communication.

The table below provides a basic summary of the two designs.

For more information please refer to the light graphic section of the brand guidelines.

Light graphic Usage Example Description  
Internal red light graphic Internal

Internal red light graphic

E.g. Governance Legislation and Rules

The three colour red light graphic may be used in more functional communications.

Three cover variations are available:

  • full graphic
  • half graphic
  • graphic plus image

Three colour variation - Full graphic

Three colour variation - Half graphic

Three colour variation - Graphic image plus

External five-colour graphic External

Research White paper

E.g. Research White Paper

The five-colour light graphics are used to communicate with dynamism.

Three cover variations are available

  • full graphic
  • half graphic
  • graphic plus image

Three colour variation - Graphic image plus

Five colour variation -Half graphic

Five colour variation - Graphic plus image

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