Matrix example of icons

Our icon suite is contemporary and graphic, adding clarity to communications.

Icons are contextual communication devices. They should not be permanently associated with specific areas or initiatives.

Icons can lead a communication where an image is not appropriate. They can help convey sensitive issues or facilitate understanding of informational communications, and can also be used in a supporting role to help simplify information.

The Marketing Unit has purchased a suite of icons which need to be modified to be compliant in the university's new visual identity.

Approximately 100 of these have been edited and are available to download in PDF and PNG format, in both a sand and charcoal line on a white background. More icons will become available throughout the year.

To request access to the full suite of icons please contact sharedidentity@mq.edu.au. Please note that icons not yet developed by Group Marketing will need to be modified before use.

Icon catalogue

PNG icons

If you require print quality PDF Icons email sharedidentity@mq.edu.au

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