Font and typography

Font and typography

The visual identity has a number of fonts specified in the typography section of the Brand Identity Guidelines.

Fonts and typography

For designers and use with InDesign templates

  • National is a simple and strong sans serif font with subtle quirks in the details. It conveys both clarity and warmth and projects confidence and approachability.
  • Newzald is a timeless serif, as elegant as it is hardworking. Its large x-height and slightly condensed form allows optimum word count without compromising legibility.

A licence to use these fonts must be purchased.

For internal use with MS Office templates

For simplicity, and to ensure font issues are not introduced when Word and PowerPoint documents are shared across multiple machines, alternate system fonts have been specified that are standard inclusions across most operating systems and PCs.

  • Arial is the alternate sans serif system font and is used for headings.
  • Georgia is the alternate serif system font and is used for body copy.

Other fonts are not to be used.

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