Using our brand

Using our brand

MQ brand ingredients

Our Shared Identity realises a refreshed and cohesive narrative for the University and outlines the elements of our visual and written identity that will enable us to speak to our students, staff and the world with a consistent, coherent and inspiring voice.

The following pages provide an overview of the brand guidelines and elements that can be used to bring this identity to life.


To assist in the development of cost effective and consistent branded materials, a large range of templates have been created and made available. It is highly recommended that you try to use templates where appropriate rather than create bespoke designed pieces — this is both cost effective and ensures the University can present a consistent and professional image.

Approvals and compliance

The University has made a significant investment to improve our ability to present ourselves in a unified and highly professional manner. It is vital that the Brand Guidelines are followed and adhered to, and that the appropriate approvals and compliance measures are sought.

In accordance with the delegations of authority that relate to brand and marketing matters, and to ensure compliance with the brand identity guidelines, all work created that features the Macquarie brand must be emailed to the shared identity team for brand compliance approval.

Brand identity guidelines

Cover MQ guidelinesThe brand identity guidelines are the authoritative guide that outlines how the University community is to bring our Shared Identity to life in marketing, communications and branded material. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the guidelines before embarking on the creation or commissioning of branded material.

The Guidelines are comprehensive and cover the following areas:

  • Brand and creative strategy
  • Use of the brand mark
  • The visual identity system
    • Overview
    • Colour palette
    • Typography
    • Light graphic
    • Icons
    • Tables graphs and charts
    • Photography
    • Paper stock usage
  • Best practice examples of branded material
  • Brand language
  • Digital (still to be delivered)
  • Motion graphics
  • Artwork

All marketing communications and branded material must adhere to the Brand Identity Guidelines.

For questions in regards to the Brand IdentityGuidelines please email

Templates Available
Brand identity guidelines Download
Abridged brand identity guidelines Download

In adherence to the delegations of authority that relate to brand and marketing matters, and to ensure compliance with the Brand Identity Guidelines, all work created that features the Macquarie brand must be emailed to the shared identity team for brand compliance approval.

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