Marketing and communications

Group Marketing’s purpose is to create, in partnership, engaging marketing solutions, that drive our University’s success.

Marketing strategy

  1. Reputation: Telling the Macquarie University story
  2. Engagement, acquisition and retention of primary audiences
  3. Vibrant campus community for staff, students, business and local community

Teams within Group Marketing


Responsible for developing aligned and prioritised marketing plans.


Brand execution creators and guardians.


Responsible for PR, issues management, social media communication channels.


Responsible for web and CRM-based communication channels.

You can find a range of online resources below to help you present a consistent experience of the Macquarie University brand.

  • Marketing strategy and support

    Group Marketing is responsible for developing aligned and prioritised marketing plans for all areas of the University.

  • Communications

    The Media and Communications team is focused on showcasing the University's achievements, opinions, research, events and human-interest stories across our internal, external and social media channels.

  • Using our brand

    An overview of the brand guidelines and elements that may be utilised to bring this identity to life.

  • Suggest a story

    Want to communicate with the University’s diverse audiences? Learn more about the various channels and suggest a story, paper, notice or announcement to the Communications team via this form.

  • Online

    Use these guidelines to help you upload content to the website and other online platforms.

  • Photo and video

    Well composed and considered photography video can add enormous impact to a publication or website.

  • Printed materials

    Group Marketing can assist in the creation and printing of materials.

  • Merchandise

    Mugs, lanyards and other Macquarie merchandise have been designed to be both stylish and distinctive. Browse our catalogue.

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