Strategic Procurement

Strategic Procurement

At times, Macquarie University staff and HDR students will need to conduct purchases to complete their tasks. The information provided here summarises Macquarie's purchasing procedure, which should be consulted before enacting purchasing.

Read the recent memo on fraudulent purchasing/procurement activity here. 

Purchasing may involve dealing with or acquiring:

  • Government contracts
  • quotation requirements
  • contract agreements
  • maintenance agreements
  • licence agreements
  • petrol cards
  • delivery and acceptance of goods and services
  • legality of purchase orders
  • credit cards
  • petty cash
  • purchasing processes (blanket orders, variation to orders, renewal of blanket orders, cancelling orders)


Procurement refers to acquiring or purchasing goods or services from an external source. Macquarie's procurement principles are detailed in the Procurement handbook.

Basic principles

Macquarie University's basic principles for purchasing include purchasing goods or services for delivery to the right place and at an agreed time, utilising best buying practices, applying ethics and integrity throughout the process and delivering the best value for money.

To ensure this, Macquarie's purchasing checklist must be followed before any order is placed. Information about potential suppliers from all available sources must be sought, and "splitting of purchase orders" to avoid seeking a delegate's approval must not be conducted under any circumstances.

Identifying a purchase

If you are a staff member, HDR candidate or contractor and wish to make a purchase, you will first need to identify the required goods or service, which can be achieved by following Macquarie's purchasing checklist

Macquarie's procurement handbook details the University's preferred suppliers or government contracts, which must be utilised where appropriate. If goods cannot be covered by the University preferred suppliers or Government contract, it may be necessary to obtain quotes.

If you do not have the appropriate delegation of authority or access to FinanceOne, you must refer the quotes to the appropriate purchasing officer within your budget unit. Purchasing officers will then ensure the University's procedures and checklists have been followed appropriately.

Heads of department, directors, executive deans, supervisors and authorised delegates

As detailed in Macquarie's purchasing procedure, heads of department, directors, executive deans, supervisors and authorised delegates must:

  • Ensure that fair, ethical and sustainable purchasing practices are undertaken on behalf of the University. This can be done by ensuring the purchasing checklist has been used.
  • Always be alert to situations that may have the potential to create a conflict of interest for purchasing staff (eg where a purchasing officer or a staff member involved with a quotation or tender has a pecuniary or other interest in a supplier organisation that is making a bid, (eg some form of personal relationship). Use the conflict of interest checklist which can be located in the Procurement Handbook.
  • Ensure all purchases have received approval by an officer with sufficient Delegation of Authority.
  • Ensure that only appropriate staff members, HDR students or contractors are given access to FinanceOne.
  • Ensure access is granted for all approving officers to eliminate the need for hard copy signatures.
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