Strategic Procurement

Strategic Procurement

What is Strategic Procurement?

Strategic Procurement is an organisational function responsible for the ideation, creation, delivery and continuous improvement of procurement-related policies and frameworks in support of the University’s strategic objectives. Strategic Procurement is designed to be the advisory service for all procurement at the University. Our aim is to continuously re-evaluate and improve the University’s procurement and sourcing activities.

Our procurement framework is based on three fundamental principles: trustempowerment and accountability. We aim to make our policies, processes, models and systems as simple as possible to align with the University’s operating environment and the probity and governance principles under which we conduct our business.

While the terms ‘procurement’ and ‘purchasing’ are often used interchangeably, they have different meanings. Procurement is the process of selecting vendors and negotiating contracts. Purchasing is the process of ordering, receiving and paying for goods or services. Macquarie University staff and higher degree research (HDR) students regularly conduct procurement and purchasing activities to fulfil their strategic and research objectives, and in support of the day-to-day operation of the University.

Procurement is a complex function that supports the business in its end-to-end process of selecting and appointing a vendor. The University places significant focus on the development of long-term strategic partnerships, and procurement is the key enabler for achieving this. The University’s procurement activities are governed by the principles of integrity, fairness, accountability, value for money, sustainability, and open and effective competition. To support these principles, we have developed a fair and impartial process which makes it easy to select suppliers and establish a contract.

ProcureRight - Smarter procurement with (you)us

Our new and simple procurement framework, ProcureRight, is governed by the Procurement Policy and supported by the ProcureRight Instructions, an easy-to-use one-stop guide that takes you through the procurement process. If you follow the ProcureRight Instructions, you will meet all legal and other accountability requirements and deliver a smooth, transparent and trouble-free process for procuring the goods and services you need.

Not only does ProcureRight streamline procurement, it helps to minimise costs, save time and source ethically. It also supports mutually beneficial, robust and long-term relationships with our suppliers.

Want to know which procurement pathway to take to achieve your business outcome? You will find your answer in the How to Procure Map below.


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