Parking permits

Parking permits

Current Macquarie University staff can purchase monthly, yearly and half-yearly permits from faculties, departments or from the Cashier's Office on presentation of current University ID.

For organisations directly affiliated and residing on campus, a letter of authorisation from the DVC Administration or Macquarie University Property is required to prove entitlement to purchase an entry permit. 
Daily entry permits are available to visitors from dispensing machines located within carparks. Permanent and fixed term staff members may also obtain yearly and half yearly parking permits by salary deductions.

Staff permit

Permits must be affixed to the inside of the windscreen on the driver's side of the vehicle.

To purchase a permit, complete the application form available here or directly from the Cashier's Office.

Permits are available from faculties, departments and the Cashiers Office from January onwards. Staff members are encouraged to purchase early to avoid the queues.

2017 staff permit rates

Annual Permit: $452
Half Year Permit: $253
Monthly Permit: $140


Pay and display - casual parking

Casual entry permits are available to students, staff and members of the public. These are available from ticket dispensing machines located at the following locations:

- Kerbside Aquatic Centre - 1 hour parking only
- N1 Car park - 1 hour parking only (including permit holders)
- N3 Car park (near Culloden Road)
- W4 Car park (south of building W6A)
- X3 Car park (south of building X5A)
- X4 Car park (south of Banksia Cottage)

Pay and display permit holders may only park in these car parks. A valid ticket must be displayed prominently on the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Parking map available here

2017 pay and display rates

Valid up to 1 hour: $10.00

Valid up to 3 hours: $15.00

Valid for 4 hours or more: $40.00

Ticket dispensing machines accept gold coins or credit cards only.


Premium E permit

This permit allows for a guaranteed parking space in the restricted area of E1 car park level 1 and any general white marked bay. 

A limited number of these permits are available and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 
To purchase a permit, please complete the application form available here or directly from the Cashier's Office.

2017 premium E permit rates

Annual Permit: $1,725


Childcare centre permit

Childcare permits are available free of charge on application to your child care provider. 

This permit allows parking up to 30 minutes in areas marked 'P30 Minutes Set Down' located near the childcare centres.

Note that this permit does NOT allow parking in any other parking areas on campus.

2017 childcare permit rates

Annual Permit: $0.00


Contractor permit

Contractor permits are for vehicles involved with building and construction projects.

Each project and principal contractor on the project will receive one contractor's permit. 

The permit allows a contractor's vehicle to be parked in the general parking areas. It does not guarantee location proximity or a place to park. 

Contractor's employees, sub-contractors and providers must obtain and display a valid casual entry permit if they wish to park on campus.

Should there be a dedicated contractor's compound for the duration of the project, vehicles parked inside the compound are exempt and do not need to display a valid permit.

All requests for contractor permits must be approved by Macquarie University Property.

Lost or stolen permits 

If your permit is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Security Office in Building C1A.  

Contact phone 9850 7112 or ext 7112.  

You will need to complete a Lost/stolen permit report and also provide a Statutory Declaration prior to receiving a replacement permit. Replacement permit cost is $40.

Recovered lost or stolen permits must be returned to the Security Office as soon as possible. Use of a lost or stolen permit by anyone will result in an Infringement Notice being issued.

In cases of disposal of vehicles, loss or destruction of, or damage to current yearly or half-yearly permits irrespective of circumstances, replacements may be obtained upon application and payment of $40 per permit upon completion and acceptance of a Statutory Declaration.

2017 replacement permit cost


Refunds and exchanges 

No exchange or refund is available for outdated, unused permits. No exchange of casual or short-term entry fees or monthly periodical permits will be made.

In the event of disposal of a vehicle, the permit must be removed and the University notified. The University Council reserves the right through the Vice-Chancellor to withdraw and cancel any permit without assigning any reason.

A refund may be granted for the return of yearly or half-yearly permits. The refund is calculated by deducting usage at the monthly rate from the purchase price.

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