Supplier guidelines

Supplier guidelines

The Macquarie University supplier guidelines are a way of streamlining the processing of payments to our suppliers.

Emailing invoices to Macquarie University for payment

Email is Macquarie University’s preferred method of receiving invoices and vendors are strongly encouraged to use this option where at all possible.

As our invoices are included in an electronic work flow model, all invoices should be sent to instead of the end user, or the person who requested the goods or service.

Important information to provide on your invoice

To enable us to process your invoice, we ask that the following information is displayed clearly and prominently on any invoice:

  • company name and ABN number
  • Macquarie purchase order number (if applicable) or the University’s full contact name. Timely processing can’t be competed without this information
  • invoice currency (where the currency is anything other than AUD).

Failure to display above information may delay the processing of invoices and subsequent payment.

Invoice layout

To enable the timely processing of invoices, please note the layout requirements of invoices emailed to Macquarie University:

  • invoices should preferably be typeset rather than hand written
  • all text should be displayed horizontally
  • PDF format ONLY.

Saving, naming and attaching an Invoice to an email

When saving, naming and attaching an invoice or invoices to an email the following conventions should be applied:

  • set the Scanner default setting to at least 300 DPI
  • a separate attachment for each invoice is mandatory
  • the combined image file size per email should not exceed 1MB.

Receiving payment

  • Macquarie University pays via electronic funds transfer (EFT) only.
  • Bank details must be notified in writing from the supplier if it’s not clearly displayed on the invoice
  • Please note: that the University has a strict 30-day payment policy.

Receiving your remittance advice when payment has been made:

With each payment processed via EFT, a remittance advice will be emailed to suppliers.

All change in details (including email address) must be notified in writing if not clearly noted on a supplier invoice.

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