Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

What is a purchase order?

A purchase order is a legally binding document between a supplier and a buyer. It details the items the buyer agrees to purchase from the supplier.

When are purchase orders used?

A purchase order is to be issued for all purchases above AU$5,000 ex GST.

How do I raise a purchase order?

All purchase orders are raised through Finance One.


Training is mandatory for all staff members requiring access to raise a purchase order. To make a booking for Finance One training please click here. All bookings must be made two days in advance.

Important things to note

When processing a purchase order please remember the following:

Field NameWhat is this field for?Why is this important?
Purchase order typeThis field selects the purchase order template that you want to use.Selecting the correct template links the correct terms and conditions to your order.
End user name and phoneThis is the contact person that the supplier will telephone or email if they have any questions or queries in regards to the order.
The contact details appear at the bottom of the order under Order inquiries.
The supplier may need to clarify a part of your order and this may not happen until he/she speaks to the relevant contact.
Central store internal transferThis field determines as to where the order will be shipped to on campus. You must state the relevant building location, level and/or room location.The stores team wants to deliver your order as soon as it arrives and having the correct information allows them to do so.
Invoice recipientThis field determines as to whom the related invoice will be sent to. Please make sure the nominated recipient has access to Basware.In order to have your invoice processed promptly by Accounts Payable this field will need to be correct and up to date.

Which purchase order template do I use?

When to useTemplate ref #F1 Template codeDirections for useTypes of terms used
No agreement in place for non IT goods and services


Purchase Order


(Purchase Order)

Please note:

- Incorporates the Macquarie University Purchase Order Terms

- Not to be used for IT orders

Standard Terms

No agreement in place for IT goods and services

  • Hardware
  • Software


IT Purchase Order


(IT Purchase Order)

Please note:

- Incorporates the Macquarie University IT Purchase Order Terms

- IT orders must be initially placed via a One Help Ticket or via your Faculty IT

- Only to be used for IT orders

- Must be used in conjunction with the IT Purchase Order Schedule document

IT goods and services standard terms

Where procurement is under an existing agreement

  • Property
  • Research


General Order


(General Order)

Please note:

- An executed agreement must be in place

Terms already in place under an existing Agreement

Customised terms have been negotiated between the parties

  • Venue hire


Non-standard Purchase Order


Please note:

- Customised terms have been negotiated between the parties

- Customised terms must be attached to the Purchase Requisition and they will then be attached to the Purchase Order

Customised Terms

When leasing from Equigroup

  • IT lease

Leased Order

(Leased Purchase Order)

Used for all IT leasing requests via Equigroup

Terms already in place under an existing Agreement

What is covered by IT*

IT covers anything that is driven by digital technology and includes:

  • communication devices (desk phones, mobiles, projectors, smartboard, video-conferencing equipment, distance learning, etc) and the applications that drive these devices;
  • computing abilities (PC, laptops, desktops, surface pro, Macs, iPads, virtual machines and network devices (both hardware and software);
  • electronic storage and devices (including backup and recovery);
  • security over the above infrastructure network and devices;
  • helpdesk and support;
  • licencing and maintenance for all of the above IT software, hardware, applications, services, support.
  • activities which would require the exchange of information between two digital systems either within MQU facilities or to external systems.
  • internet and network connectivity; eg local campus network systems and external network systems to public internet, research network or other MQU locations (city campus)
  • individual areas are required to manage their own databases (but the ongoing management and relationship with the software/hardware vendor rests with IT).

Terms and conditions

The standard terms for the University can be found here:

Standard terms

IT goods and services standard terms

Property work orders terms

If your supplier does not agree with either the Standard Terms, IT Goods and Services Standard Terms, or the Property Work Order Terms, please contact the Purchasing Manager on extension 1679.

Need any assistance?

For any assistance please log a OneHelp Ticket and select Request Something>Finance>Purchasing>Purchase Orders or please contact either:

Name Email Extension
Vicki Waugh vicki.waugh@mq.edu.au 1672
Kristyn Le kristyn.le@mq.edu.au 1669
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