Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

We can assist you with the following in regards to fleet management:

  • CTP insurance (Alliance)
  • eTag
  • petrol card (Caltex & Shell)
  • registration (RMS)
  • road side assist (NRMA)

We have just under 100 vehicles that fall under the following categories that we look after:

  • boat
  • boat barge
  • bobcat
  • camper
  • caravan
  • electric sedan
  • forklift
  • golf cart
  • mini bus
  • motor vehicles (panel van, sedan, truck, utility, wagon, van)
  • street sweeper
  • tractor
  • trailer (boat, digging, drilling)

CTP Insurance

CTP insurance is an abbreviation for third party insurance. This insurance provides compensation for people injured or killed when your vehicle is involved in an accident.

CTP insurance is compulsory in all states of Australia. You cannot register your vehicle without having a policy in place. In most states, your CTP is included with your registration, unlike NSW where you must purchase it as a separate step before renewing your registration.

States also vary on the basis of other factors, including fault, liability, injury and compensation. In addition, states also have different requirements for vehicle safety and identity checks to be satisfied before registration.

At the University we have vehicles registered in both NSW and NT and all vehicles pay the same premium.

How do I organise CTP insurance for my vehicle?

The Purchasing Team will organise CTP insurance for you when we also organise the registration of the motor vehicle with Roads and Maritime services (RMS).

What do I do if I have been in an accident?

If you have been in an accident while in a University vehicle you must complete the following:

  1. See medical assistance if required
  2. Log a request via the ROAR website
  3. Advise your Manager
  4. Advise geoffrey.morton@mq.edu.au of any damage to your vehicle
  5. If a claim is to be made, you will automatically be charged a AU$550.00 excess fee
  6. Contact the Insurance team on x1683

How do I order an E Tag?

E Tags are supplied to University vehicles only and the following information must be sent via email to name:

  • Approval from your Finance Manager
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Type of motor vehicle eg. panel van, sedan, truck, utility, wagon, van
  • Windscreen type eg. vertical (like a van) or conventional (like a sedan)
  • Department/Office name
  • Account to which eTag usage is to be charged eg. Operating = xxxx/xxxx or Project xxxxx/xx

From the placement of the order, your eTag will take approximately xx days to arrive

Petrol Cards

We will supply you with two types of petrol cards; one from Caltex and another from Shell.

In order to obtain a petrol card we need the following information to be emailed to vicki.waugh@mq.edu.au

  • Approval from your Finance Manager
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Description of the vehicle - make, model number and colour
  • Department/Office name
  • Account to which petrol usage is to be charged - eg. Operating = xxxx/xxxx or Project xxxxx/xx
  • Fuel Type eg. diesel or unleaded

From the placement of the order, your Petrol cards will take approximately xx days to arrive

Purchasing a Vehicle

You will need the following information to purchase a motor vehicle:

  • Written approval from your Faculty/Office Finance Manager that you have the appropriate funds in your budget to purchase a motor vehicle
  • 3 quotes from any motor dealership as we do not have a preferred supplier
  • A Purchase Order
  • Charity documentation?
  • Written approval from your Head of Department on letterhead to authorise the dealership to register the vehicle on behalf of Macquarie University

Purchasing will provide the following information for you to pass onto the Dealership:

  • Stamp Duty exemption notice
  • Common Expiry Date (CED) for Registration = 31 October for RMS Customer number 10041733


The Purchasing team will receive a notification from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) of all registrations when they are due:

  • The first notification is received by the team in August.
  • The Purchasing team will then send out notifications to all departments and offices as a registration inspection may be required if your vehicle is more than five (5) years old.
  • As the registration is due to be paid and processed by 31 October you will need to send a copy of your inspection results to the team as this makes up part of the documentation that is required to be submitted with our payment for the registration. This needs to be completed by 1 October.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is provided by NRMA. Our current agreement expires on 31 December. The purchasing team will renew your annual membership for you.

If you need roadside assistance please contact the NRMA on 13 11 22 and quote your registration number.

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