For external parties

For external parties

Payments to external parties are to be made by providing a formal tax invoice. The tax invoice should comply as per the Macquarie invoice requirements.

All invoices are to be sent to us via email.

One of the accounts payable team will route this invoice to you via the Invoices system within 12 hours. If you do not have access to Invoices system, please raise a OneHelp ticket for assistance.

Once the invoice has been sent back through to you via the Invoices system, please approve the invoice. The accounts payable team will then process and make payment within 30 days of the invoice date.

For invoice payment deadline, please refer to the Macquarie cut off deadlines.

No tax invoice?

When a tax invoice cannot be produced, payments can still be made to an external party.

This would normally be in the format of

  • Pro-forma invoice (from company registered in Australia)
  • refund for overpayment by our customer
  • an incorrect payment by our customer
  • reimbursement to external party for funds spent on behalf of the University
  • research participant payments

or any other scenarios where a tax invoice can’t be issued by the external party.

To facilitate a payment this way, you will need to complete a non-order payment request form which should then be sent to accounts payable for processing.

Contact us

Any enquiries please email accounts payable.

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