NOPF (Non Order Payment Form)

NOPF (Non Order Payment Form)

Non Order Payment Form (NOPF)

Funds spent on behalf of the University can be reimbursed via Accounts Payable by completing a Non Order Payment Form (NOPF).

Excel 2007 version

Excel 2010 version

  • The completed form needs to be completed, printed, signed by the claimant, certified by another staff member.
  • The NOPF will then need to be signed off by a staff member with the appropriate financial delegation, this is normally the claimant's immediate manager.
  • The certifier and the final approver cannot be the same person.
  • Please then scan the completed document with all the receipts attached in one (1) pdf file.
  • This file can now be sent to Accounts Payable for processing and payment
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