Finance shared services

Finance shared services

To help our staff achieve their business goals, Macquarie University offers a range of financial services and support.

  • A corporate credit card facility enables the secure purchase of goods and services in support of legitimate University business expenses
  • Advance payment can be made for travel or research participant payments. Advance payment will need to be acquitted after travel or research undertaken
  • For purchases made on behalf of the University, staff can claim reimbursement
  • Cabcharge eTickets can be requested for non-regular business taxi travel

Contact Us - Finance Shared Services

To contact any of the team in Finance Shared Services, please refer to the appropriate team or scroll down further for more detailed information:

Team NameTeam MembersCan assist you with
Accounts Payable Team

Divyesh Oza - Vendor Setup - x1677
Dot Pallasser - E to L - x1675
Jhansi Nalavenkata - Payments - x1681
KJ Lee - Hospital - 9812 3234
Morgan Krishnaapillai - NOPF - x1673
Moya Peng - A to D - x1682
Na Kuang - Hospital - 9812 2994
Raymond Huang - S to Z - x1687
Rohit Kumar - M to R - X1676
Sosi Tatosian - Hospital - 9812 3015
Sujan Regmi - Manager - x1674 


Cash Advance

Cash Expenses

Invoice Payment

NOPF (Non Order Payment Form)

Payments to Suppliers

Per Diem


Vendor Creation

Team NameTeam MembersCan assist you with
Purchasing Team

Call extension 1640        
Geoff Morton - Stores - x1690
Kristyn Le - Purchasing - x 1669
Matthew De Giovanni - Stores - x1688
Sarah Poole - Purchasing - x1680
Vicki Waugh - Purchasing - x1672
Belinda Anderson - Manager - x1679

Central Stores


Credit Cards

Expense Management

Fleet Management

IT Leasing

Office Supplies

Preferred Suppliers

Purchase Orders


Share Riding

Travel Management

Team NameTeam MembersCan assist you with

email address here for the team  

telephone number contact details          
Angela Vu - Accounts Receivable - x7205
Annie Patricio - Student Loans - x7239
Cynthia Tai - ELC - x4715
Daisy Kaur - Banking - x7223
Jenny Valentine - Team Leader - x7229
Lakmini Walgama - Revenue Officer - x7232
Rawnak Shadabi - Operations Assistant - x7217
Stanley Tsang - Refunds - x7226
Sudha Seshadri - Manager - x7227             

Cashiers Office

Payment Gateway (MQ ePayments)

Payments to Macquarie University

Sponsor Fee Revenue

Student Revenue

Basware - Accounts Payable

Cash Advance - Accounts Payable

Cashiers Office - Revenue

Couriers - Purchasing

Credit Card - Purchasing

Macquarie University provides a credit card facility to enable the secure purchase of goods and services in support of legitimate University business expenses.

A credit card is intended to provide an efficient method of purchasing minor goods and services below $5000 ex GST.

Staff issued with a credit card are in a position of trust regarding the use of University funds. Expenditure on a corporate credit card must be done in accordance with the requirements set out in the Macquarie University credit card policy and procedure.

Cardholders can use the card to purchase goods and services provided that:

  • the purchase is for University business and within the cardholder’s financial delegation
  • the value is within the credit limit and transaction limit set for the individual cardholder


Unless a cardholder has specific and written approval from the Purchasing Manager, the card must not be used for:

  • bank cheques
  • over the counter withdrawals
  • traveller’s cheques
  • wire or money transfers
  • personal expenditure
  • goods or services above the value of $5000
  • any IT spend over $1000
  • payment of fines or penalties
  • political donations or sponsorships
  • loyalty, frequently flyer airline and lounge membership


Online application forms

To apply for a corporate credit card please log a OneHelp ticket:

Please select: Request Something>Finance>Procurement Management>Corporate Credit Card.

You will need to complete the following form:

  • ANZ Cardholder Registration Form (this is already an attachment within your OneHelp ticket).

It is also a requirement to hold financial delegation authority. As a result you will also need to apply for financial delegation and this is subject to approval by the Head of Office or Delegate.

Before completing this form for financial delegation, you should fully understand your responsibilities under the financial delegation policy.

To apply for financial delegation please log a OneHelp ticket:

Please select: Request Something>Finance>Financial Delegation.

Processing your application

Once your application has been received, approved and processed your new card and PIN will arrive within 5 working days.

You will receive an email notification when your card and PIN are ready for collection from Finance (Level 5, AHH (Australian Hearing Hub) Building.

The card must be collected by the cardholder and you will need to show your Staff ID to collect your card. You will also have to signed an acknowledgement form agreeing to the terms and conditions for use of the card.

Credit limits

Credit card limits are settee minimise risk to the University from misuse of cards without constraining staff in effectively undertaking their roles:

Transaction limitMonthly limitPosition or type of expenditure
$2,500$5,000General administration duties
$5,000$10,000Administrators in charge of administrative duties
$7,500$10,000Administrators in charge of administrative duties
$10,000$20,000High volume travel booker - domestic
$10,000$30,000Manager (HEW 10)
Deputy Director
Assistant Director
High volume travel booker - domestic and international
$10,000$50,000Faculty General Manager
Executive Dean


The University may issue one credit card at any one time to an applicant who:

  • is a continuing or fixed term employee of the University
  • has an approved financial delegation
  • is required to make purchases as part of their role and responsibilities
  • agrees to comply by the conditions of use as stated in the credit card policy, credit card procedure and all other relevant University policies and procedures.

Credit card usage

All transactions on the corporate credit card must be for a legitimate University purpose.

Card holders are responsible for the safe keeping of their corporate credit card and must keep their corporate credit card secure and their personal identification number (PIN) confidential at all times.

The credit card is issued in the name of the individual staff member's name and use by any other person is prohibited.

Purchases must not be split into smaller transactions (or over multiple credit cards) to circumvent  expenditure or transaction limits.

Lost or stolen cards

Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately 24 x 7 to ANZ on 1800 033 844 (international +61 3 8699 6955).

The cardholder must also immediately report the loss via a OneHelp ticket.

Taking leave

If the cardholder is taking significant leave exceeding six months (i.e. maternity, long service or extended sick leave) the corporate credit card must notify Finance via a One Help Ticket so that the card can be temporarily suspended.

Reconciling your charges

Expenses using the Corporate Credit Card will be pre populated into Concur (online expense system) on a daily basis approximately 5 days after the transaction date.

Verification of your expenses

You must verify your transactions at the end of every cycle cut. A notification is sent every month by Finance as a reminder to complete your expense report for that particular time period.

Original receipts and tax invoices must be obtained for all transactions, including contactless (pay wave) transactions. In the event of lost, unobtainable receipts or tax invoices a statutory declaration must be completed if the expense is over AU$82.50 excluding GST. If the expense is below AU$82.50 excluding GST a missing receipt affidavit needs to be completed.

Disputed charges

Once your credit card transactions have been uploaded to Concur you will need to verify that they are valid transactions. Please remember:

  • If you do not recognise the name of the merchant but the amount charged looks familiar it may help to look at your receipts and see if the amount charged matches a recent purchase or transaction. Some companies use a different trading name or location to what your receipt shows.
  • There can be a delay (possibly up to 7 days) between your actual purchase date and when it is charged to your account (posted date).
  • The amount charged shows up differently, this could happen if a purchase is made overseas, or from a merchant that is located overseas, as the amount may change based on the currency exchange rate for that day. The amount may also differ because of surcharges (eg. public holiday) or transaction fees.
  • Check if an additional cardholder has made the purchase. If you have a calendar, you may also like to check it for any prompts to help you discover what the transaction could be.

Contact the merchant

The merchant may be able to resolve the issues like:

  • defective or unsatisfactory products
  • refunds received from the merchant which have not been processed to your account
  • purchases charged more than once
  • differences in amounts on your receipt
  • goods or services that you have not received.

To dispute a transaction

The following process must be followed in order for Finance to dispute a transaction on your behalf:

  1. Your disputed transaction must be less than 90 days old from the transaction date
  2. Please log a OneHelp ticket and select:
    Request Something>Finance>Procurement Management>Corporate Credit Card>Disputed Transaction
  3. Download and complete the customer transaction dispute form. This form lists the information and documents you will need to provide
  4. Upload the completed customer transaction dispute form
  5. Finance will update your OneHelp ticket with a dispute reference number
  6. Once this reference number is received a credit will be processed for the disputed transaction/s
  7. You will need to assign both the disputed transactions and the credits to your Concur report.

Suspension and cancellation of your card

Failure to use the credit card in compliance with University policy and procedure will result in revocation, possible disciplinary action and a possible requirement for repayment by the employee.

Fraudulent or other intentional misuse of the corporate credit card will be reported by the University to the police and may also be reported to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

A credit card may be suspended or cancelled for the following reasons:

  • loss of the card
  • non-compliance with the conditions of use including misuse of the card in the form of unacceptable or inappropriate expenditure
  • the security of the card is compromised or it has been used unlawfully by third parties
  • continued non reconciliation.

Termination of employment

Before your termination of employment from the University, card holders must fully reconcile their card expenditure and notify Finance via a One Help Ticket. The car can then be destroyed by cutting it in half.

Corporate Card Calendar

Your expense report name format is first name surname month year eg. Belinda Anderson May 2019

MonthCycle cut start dateCycle cut end dateConcur Report due
January 20191 January 201910 January 201930 January 2019
February 201911 January 201910 February 201927 February 2019
March 201911 February 201910 March 201929 March 2019
April 201911 March 201910 April 201929 April 2019
May 201911 April 201912 May 201930 May 2019
June 201913 May 201911 June 201928 June 2019
July 201912 June 201910 July 201930 July 2019
August 201911 July 201911 August 201930 August 2019
September 201912 August 201910 September 201927 September 2019
October 201911 September 201910 October 201930 October 2019
November 201911 October 201910 November 201929 November 2019
December 201911 November 201910 December 201920 December 2019
End of Financial Year 201911 December 201931 December 201920 December 2019
Jan 20201 January 202010 January 202029 January 2020

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Purchase Orders - Purchasing

A purchase order is a legally binding document between a supplier and a buyer. It details the items the buyer agrees to purchase from the supplier.

When are purchase orders required?

A purchase order is to be issued from Finance for all purchases above AU$5000 ex GST.

How do I raise a purchase order?

All purchase orders are raised through Finance One.


Training is mandatory for all staff members requiring access to raise a purchase order. To make a booking for Finance One training please click here. All bookings must be made at a minimum two days in advance.

Important things to note

When processing a purchase order please remember the following:

Field nameWhat is this field for?Why is it important?
Purchase order typeThis field selects the purchase order templates that you can use.Selecting the correct template
End user name and phoneThis is the contact person that the supplier will telephone or email if they have any questions or queries in regards to the order. The contact details appear at the bottom of the purchase order under Order inquiries.The supplier may need to clarify
Central store internal transferThis field determines as to where the order will be shipped to on campus. You must state the relevant building location, level and/or room location.The stores team want to deliver
Invoice recipientThis field determines as to whom the related invoice will be sent to. Please make sure the nominated recipient has access to Basware so that the invoice can be matched and processed.In order to have your invoice

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