Finance shared services

Finance shared services

Finance Shared Services

An internal Finance service organisation staffed by functional subject matter experts using standardised processes and efficient systems to deliver consistent, high quality, Finance and Finance administrative services to the Macquarie University community in support of the University's teaching, research missions and overall strategic intent - the 7th Pillar.

Finance Shared Services - Who are we?

Finance Shared Services is made up of three teams: Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Revenue. Click on the link below for more information on the relevant teams:

TeamManagerTelephoneE Mail
Accounts PayableSujan Regmi+61 2 9850
PurchasingBelinda Anderson+61 2 9850
RevenueSudha Seshadri+61 2 9850
DirectorJohn McNally+61 2 9850

Accounts Payable


Team memberTelephone numberRoleCan assist you with
Belinda Anderson+61 2 9850 1679Purchasing Manager 
Geoff Morton+61 2 9850 1690Stores OfficerCentral Stores
Fleet Management - Caltex, NRMA, RMS, Shell
Kristyn Le+61 2 9850 1669Shared Services OfficerConcur
Credit Card - ANZ
Expense Management - Concur
Purchase Orders
Matthew De Giovanni+61 2 9850 1688Stores OfficerCentral Stores
Sarah Poole+61 2 9850 1680Purchasing OfficerExpense Management - Concur
IT Leasing - Equigroup
Printers & Multi-Functional Devices - Konica Minolta
Ride Sharing Services - Uber for Business
Travel Booking - Concur
Vicki Waugh+61 2 9850 1672Purchasing OfficerCouriers - DHL
Fleet Management - Caltex, NRMA, RMS, Shell
Office Supplies - Winc
Preferred Suppliers
Purchase Orders


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