During Travel

During Travel

Emergency, Medical and Security Assistance, Staying in Touch, Travel Expenses, Keeping Records

This section provides details of the University’s Emergency, Medical and Security Assistance provider and how what to do while travelling.

Emergency, medical and security assistance

Emergency, medical and security assistance is provided 24/7/365 worldwide by International SOS to all approved University travellers.  All travel itineraries booked via CTM will automatically be sent to ISOS.

If for any reason travel is not booked through CTM, travel itinerary information must be registered with ISOS ‘MyTrips using your MQ email prior to departure.  If you are a new user, click on the ‘register here’ link at the bottom of the page. For further guidance please watch this video, click here. Travellers can also update their itineraries via the ISOS mobile app.

In the event of an emergency while overseas (i.e., outside Australia), the first step is to contact ISOS immediately. They will support you through the emergency and work with their in-country specialists and coordinate with emergency services to support you.

ISOS can be contacted by multiple methods:

  • Calling an assistance centre – see ISOS membership card for international assistance numbers –  Click here
  • Calling via the ISOS assistance app. The call button is located at the bottom of the app.

General advice

ISOS can also be contacted for non-emergency related medical and travel (security) advice prior, during and after travel. There is no cost, and no limit on how often you can contact them. You can also email the assistance centre (non-emergency) Sydney@internationalsos.com

Mental wellbeing support

As part of the University’s ISOS membership, approved University travellers are supported by ISOS through their assistance centres by their partner ‘Workplace Options’. Consistent and globally delivered emotional support / counselling is provided by ISOS via phone, video-call or face-to-face. Approved travellers have access to five free sessions per incident, per year (conditions apply).

Staying in touch

Travellers are responsible for ensuring their location is known to the University while travelling.

  • Follow your communication plan and inform relevant individuals if your itinerary changes.
  • If at any time your itinerary changes during travel and those changes are not booked through CTM, inform your Authoring Officer, and update your itinerary via the ISOS assistance app. If travelling to a high-risk country email travelriskadvice@mq.edu.au with the details.
  • Be safe and aware of your environment and local considerations at all times.

Travel Expenses

Reasonable business-related expenses incurred while travelling will be funded by the University. You must retain supporting documentation for all expenditure that is funded by the University, or for which you will be seeking reimbursement.

The University's preferred method of payment for travel expenses is via a corporate credit card.  For further details on how to apply for a corporate credit card, please refer to Credit Cards.

Download the Concur application to take photos of your supporting documentation, such as tax receipts.

Keeping records

A travel diary must be maintained for all international travel and for domestic travel of 5 consecutive nights or more.

Retain all relevant travel documentation for record keeping and audit purposes.

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