Travel Profile

Travel Profile

Concur travel profile

From your profile you can update information such as your personal and credit card information, travel settings, including travel preferences, frequent flyer details for upcoming trips and add a travel booker to help you book your travel.

001 To access your travel profile, from the Concur home page, click Profile (top right hand corner), and then click Profile Settings.
002 You will the most common profile tasks on the Profile Options page. You can also use the menus on the left to select a setting to update.
003 To set yup your personal information, click Personal Information.
004 In the My Profile - Personal Information section, make sure that the first and last names shown are identical to those on the passport or photo identification for the traveller that will be presented at the airport. In the Title section, select either Mr, Mrs, Ms or Miss only.
005 Scroll down to Company Information and select your Faculty and Department Name. This field is used for reporting purposes only. All the other fields in this section have been pre-populated from your Concur profile. If you wish to change any of the other fields, please log a One Help Ticket.
006 Insert your Work Address. Please do not include your building name, level or room number details. Only the street address is required.
007 Insert your Home Address. This is an optional field.
008 Insert your Work Phone, Home Phone and Mobile Number. If you prefer, you can list your mobile number in all three fields. Your mobile phone number must be listed at least once. Please remember to list the area code of 02 if you are based in Sydney.
009 In the Email Addresses section, verify your University email address. Click Add an email address to add any additional email addresses that you will need to use. Your University email address is required so you can automatically send receipts or tax invoices to your receipt library from your email. and to use the ExpenseIt mobile application.
010 Complete the Emergency Contact fields, as needed.
011 Continue scrolling down to the Travel Preferences section. Specify your Air, Hotel and Car Rental Preferences. Please remember to select your preferred departure airport. Update your Frequent-Traveller Program with any frequent flyer, driver and hotel guest programmes. Click Add A Program to add any frequent flyer programs that are in the name of the traveller.
012 TSA Secure Flight is an airline passenger pre-screening program, implemented from August 2009 by the UNites States Transport Security Administration (TSA). Secure Flight matches passenger information against watch lists maintained by the US Federal Government. This is an optional field. In the TSA Secure Flight Section, verify the required Gender and Date of Birth fields. Complete the DHS Redress No. and TSA Precheck Known Traveller Number fields, as needed.
013 In the International Travel Passports and Visas section, add your passport or international visa information. Concur will also send you a six month reminder notification before your passport expires.
014 In the Assistant and Travel Arrangers section, click Add an Assistant to assign someone to be your travel booker. You can search for and select the individuals (s) with the University that you would like to give permission to book travel for you. 

Please note: An assistant must be an existing Travel Booker. You cannot designate an Assistant or Travel Booker to Individuals or Groups without a work phone number in their profile.
015 From the Credit Cards section, click Add a Credit Card to add or update your credit card information that you would like to use to book travel. This must be a University Corporate Credit Card. 

Please note:
you are required to have a credit card saved in your profile before you can book with Concur Travel. You can designate this card as your default for airfare, accommodation and car rentals.
016 After you have completed your updates, click Save.

Visitor profile

If you need to book travel for a Visitor to the University, the Visitor will need to have a profile setup in Concur. Please follow the below steps to setup a Visitor in Concur. Travel Bookers can also setup a Visitor profile in Concur. The following information is required:

StepInstructionSample Data
01Log into Concur 
02Select Administration (top right hand corner) 
03Select Company 
04Select Company Admin 
05Select User Administration 
06Go to the Search Text field and enter in the Surname of the Visitor to make sure they have not already been set upAnderson
07Go to Add New User 
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