VIPs on campus

VIPs on campus

Engaging with and inviting high-profile visitors to campus is a great way to showcase the University and to promote the excellent work we do.

To make the most of these opportunities, the Events and Domestic Protocol team provide support to ensure a positive experience for the visiting dignitary. By leveraging this support, we aim to help you establish effective and influential networks that can be of great value to Macquarie.

We will determine what support may be appropriate from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor or the Executive Group, which may include:

  • issuing formal invitations on behalf of the University
  • providing background briefings on existing relationships and ongoing issues relevant to the guest
  • coordinating other events on campus to extend or enhance the visit
  • providing additional resources to manage and host the event
  • determining if the Vice-Chancellor or other Executive Group members are required to attend
  • undertaking any follow-up actions.

Who is considered a VIP?

If you intend to invite a dignitary who holds a high rank or office to an event at the University, Events and Domestic Protocol is to be notified at the concept stage of the event. People are VIPs if they hold one of the following titles:

  • The Governor-General of Australia
  • The Governor of New South Wales
  • Presidents (including vice presidents and other deputies) and their equivalents
  • The Prime Minister (including the Deputy Prime Minister) and their equivalents
  • Former prime ministers
  • Members of a royal family
  • Officials of supranational bodies (eg United Nations, European Union, International Monetary Fund)
  • Australian federal senators
  • Members of the Federal Executive Council
  • The Leader of the Australian Federal Opposition or members of the Shadow Cabinet
  • Australian state premiers
  • The NSW Leader of the Opposition
  • Members of the NSW Cabinet or Shadow Cabinet
  • Foreign government ministers, governors, ambassadors and high commissioners
  • The Federal MP for Bennelong
  • The state MP for Ryde
  • The Mayor of Ryde City Council
  • Mayors of foreign capital cities
  • Current or former senior ranking members of the Australian Defence Force
  • Current senior ranking members of foreign defence forces
  • Current or former Australians of the Year
  • Vice-chancellors or their equivalents at other universities
  • High-profile University alumni
  • Holders of honorary doctorates from the University

Who to contact

Any student or staff member coordinating a high-profile visit should notify the Events and Domestic Protocol team using the following process;

  1. At the earliest possible opportunity (ideally before the invitation is extended), please email with as many details as possible.
  2. Complete the VIP alert form. This form will be forwarded to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor (OVC) as a notification of the intended visitor.
  3. The Events team will notify the OVC of the intended guest(s). The form will be copied to the Executive Managers and Faculty General Managers in each portfolio for their information.
  4. Support from the OVC (or other Executive Group members where appropriate) will be offered, where appropriate, in addition to the normal support offered by the Events team.

For visits occurring in less than 72 hours, please call the Events and Domestic Protocol team on (02) 9850 1881 or (02) 9850 1883.

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