Relevant policies

Relevant policies

There are various University Policies to be aware of when planning an event. Please ensure you are familiar with these policies.

Events Policy

The University Events Policy establishes requirements for the planning, production, execution and delivery of University events, including the level of support provided by the Events and Domestic Protocol Unit.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy provides guidance on the University’s approach to its information handling practices and that of its controlled entities in relation to the information collected from its students, employees and others who interact with it.

Entertainment Policy

The Entertainment Policy establishes when entertainment and hospitality is appropriate. The Entertainment Schedule details what is considered reasonable expenditure when using University funds.

Fringe Benefits Tax Policy

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) applies to certain benefits for employees in respect to their employment, such as entertainment, food, drink or recreation.  FBT calculations are not included in the event budgets supplied by EDP so please make sure you familiarise yourself with these guidelines to ensure you are aware of potential cost implications.

Delegation of Authority Policy

The Delegation of Authority Policy specify who may perform specific functions and the principles by which delegations of authority are exercised. They also establish the requirements for approval and review of delegations.

Gifts and Benefits Policy

Sometimes it is appropriate to present gifts to guest speakers – either formally as part of the event or privately at the end – to acknowledge their support of the University. Please refer to these policy pages as a guide to appropriate gift giving and receiving.

Filming on Campus Policy

The Filming on Campus Policy is currently under review; however, permission to film on University grounds is essential. Please ensure you allow a minimum of 3 weeks' notice for your request to be reviewed.

If you would like to film on Campus, please complete a Customer Service Request form

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