Events toolkit

Events toolkit

This section provides you with useful tools, templates and information to assist you with running an event or meeting at Macquarie University.

When should I engage the EDP team?

Whilst these pages are designed to assist you manage your own event, you may have additional questions or require more guidance.  Please feel free to contact your Events Partner who will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

We also request that you contact your Events Partner if your event meets one of the following criteria:

  • high net worth and/or pose high reputational risk and/or unique to the University
  • This includes events that highlight a purpose, finding or representation of the University that is likely to generate public or media interest and/or attract high volumes of participation
  • University-wide events


There are a range of venue options available for hosting University events, including purpose-built function and conference spaces, as well as other facilities that can be booked across campus.

Conference Rooms – Level 3, 18 Wally’s Walk

The University has four purpose-built conference rooms located on Level 3, 18 Wally's Walk (18WW). Each conference room can be used individually or opened into a larger event space that can be
transformed to suit a range of event needs. The rooms have audio visual equipment, are climate-controlled and contain adjustable lighting providing full control of the ambience and event experience.

For conference room enquires, bookings and quotes, please complete the following order form and email it to


Learning and teaching spaces

There are various classrooms, theatres and other learning and teaching spaces available for staff to book. To book an adhoc teaching space or meeting room, login to Web Room Bookings using your MQ OneID and password. The system will ask you to define your room needs, dates and times. Once these details are entered, the system will list all rooms available to you. You can also view current bookings by clicking on the ‘Timetable’ link for any space.

For assistance booking adhoc teaching space or meeting rooms contact (02) 9850 7130 or

For external clients who wish to book a venue or staff organising non-university events involving an outside organisation, please contact the Events team at

Other venues on campus e.g. Art Gallery, Incubator, The Marquee

There is a diverse range of venues on campus available for staff to book.

Refer to the table for venue capacity and relevant contacts for booking enquires.


Several catering options are available to service a wide-range of needs, including drop-off catering for meetings and more casual occasions, and event  catering for conferences, banquet dinners, cocktail parties and awards nights.

Event catering

Macquarie prides itself on hosting events of the highest standard, no matter what the format or scale. The university has partnered with Forte Catering and Events to provide event catering services. Forte has created some packages for Macquarie University, these packages can be modified, and the team is always happy to create a package to suit your needs no matter the size or style.

Contact Forte Catering and Events to discuss your upcoming event catering needs at (02) 9850 4481 or

Drop off catering

Catering Project is the University’s preferred supplier for drop-off catering. Catering is delivered direct to your location in disposable packaging. Visit the website for menu options or download the following frequently asked questions and presentation from Catering Project to find out more. Contact information (02) 9251 2120 or to discuss  your drop-off catering needs.


For events held on campus, a risk assessment or event safety checklist is required. Discuss risk considerations with your Health and Safety Officer in the event planning stage. More details can be found on risk and assurance webpage including training, induction and first aid.

It is also recommended that you consider any reputational risks associated with your event i.e. any factors that may damage the University’s reputation if they are not handled well. This could include low attendance, lack of speaker diversity, poor attendee experience, etc. Please contact your Events Partner if you would like to talk through any concerns you may have relating to your event.

Risk considerations are generally the responsibility of the venue provider for events held off campus. In some instances, you may be required to manage some elements of risk related to the event even if held offsite. It is advised to consult with the venue manager for their risk management plan.

Parking and public transport

Travel to events by public transport rather than car is encouraged as we strive to be sustainable in all that we do. Visit the ‘Getting to Macquarie’ web page for up-to-date travel and transport information.

Security, property & cleaning services

If there is a special request for security, property and/or cleaning services a Customer Service request needs to be submitted. These requests must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to your event. Fees may apply.

Customer service requests should be submitted if you require the following services for your event:

  • furniture delivery and removal. e.g. chairs, tables, between 6am-2pm. For requests outside of these hours email:
  • venue cleaning before and/or after your event including rubbish removal, vacuuming and restocking bathroom supplies
  • additional security or access to buildings outside of standard university hours
  • extra bins
  • bollard removal. Wally’s Walk has a strict no vehicle policy. Exceptions may be considered. Contact with your request
  • lighting and air con turned on, when using a venue outside of standard university hours
  • lawn maintenance for outdoor events
  • permission to film on campus

Audio visual services

There are several types of AV technologies used in lecture theatres, classrooms and meeting rooms at Macquarie University.

Staff should check the room to find out what equipment and facilities are available. The AV team can provide extra hands-on training before your event to enable staff to use the Macquarie technology with confidence.

For training and/or event day support contact AVTS Team on (02) 9850 7571 or

Other event services

Macquarie OneHelp is the University wide online request system. With OneHelp you can use the web to log issues and requests, and then monitor them to completion through automatic email notification and status updates.

OneHelp requests need to be submitted for event services such as:

  • photography and videography
  • event Wi-Fi
  • Echo360 recordings
  • image and footage requests
  • marketing email communications (eDMs)

VIPs and protocol

Welcome to Country and Other Indigenous Ceremonies

"Macquarie University recognises the traditional custodians of the land on which an official event is being held, or an event where the University is a sponsor."

Contact the Office of Indigenous Strategy to determine the type of ceremony that is appropriate for nature and size of the planned event and coordinate a booking for Welcome to Country, Acknowledgement of Country and other Indigenous ceremonies. The minimum requirement for Macquarie University events is an acknowledgement of Country. It is important to know that different locations and campuses acknowledge different Aboriginal nations. The North Ryde campus is situated on Darug land. The City location is on Gadigal land.

Office of Indigenous Strategy
(02) 9850 4209
Refer to relevant policy


Engaging with and inviting high-profile visitors to campus is a great way to showcase the University and to promote the excellent work we do. To make the most of these opportunities it is important that the appropriate VIP and Protocol processes are adhered to. If you intend to invite a dignitary who holds a high rank or office to an event at the University contact the EDP team for support on (02) 9850 1883 or email:

Inviting an Executive

If you would like to invite a Macquarie University executive to attend your event, contact your Events Partner for advice on the appropriate booking process.

Communications and marketing

A communications plan is important to ensure we are attracting the right audiences to University events, and that all event communications adhere to the Shared ID brand guidelines.

The University uses an event management system for event websites, email invitations, online event registration and payments, post-event surveys and other technology tools to help run successful events.

Events can also be promoted on University website events calendar and other content channels.

Your Events Partner will work with you to determine which communication channels and system features are appropriate for your event. This may include tailoring communications to different invitee groups, developing content-rich event websites and discussing registration options.

Event calendar listing

If you wish to list your event on the University Events Calendar, please complete the form and return to the Events and Domestic Protocol team.

Useful template and forms

Here you will find tools, templates and useful information to help you with the end-to-end delivery of quality, well-organised events for a university that is renowned for its high standards of professionalism and excellence.

Event checklist

The Event Checklist lists tasks to consider when planning an event. The checklist is useful to set deadlines and allocate tasks.

Event checklist template

Run Sheet

It is helpful to keep track of tasks to be completed on the day of an event in a run sheet. This template is used to provide an overview of the key event information on the day.

Runsheet template

Risk safety checklist and assessment

Depending on the event type and scale, a safety checklist or assessment is required. It is advised to involve your health and safety officer in early event planning stages.

Safety checklist and risk assessment templates

Name tags, menus and placecards

Brand compliant Macquarie University and Macquarie Health name tag templates, menus and placecards have been created to ensure standardisation across events and activities at Macquarie University.

The Avery name tag software code is L7418K

The Avery placecard software code is C32073

Event Budget Template

This template can be used to capture all details or expenses and revenue related to your event. This template includes examples of approximate costs and items to consider when budgeting for an event.

Budget template

PowerPoint Presentations

Brand compliant PowerPoint templates have been created to assist with any presentation at Events.

Templates available here

External venue hire factsheet

This factsheet has been created by the Office of the General Counsel and is a useful tool when negotiating external venue hire agreements.

External venue hire factsheet

Zoom virtual backgrounds

A range of Macquarie University branded virtual backgrounds have been developed to create a more polished environment for your virtual event. To get the best result using virtual backgrounds align your web camera in front of a plain, uncluttered wall and ensure the colour contrasts your clothing.

Download Zoom virtual backgrounds here

*These will download as an rar file & need to be extracted as individual jpeg files for use in Zoom.

Sustainable and accessible events


Macquarie University is committed to the principles of sustainability and adhering to these principles in all that we do.

University events can have significant impacts on the environment through the message they send about our culture and society, as well as through environmental impacts such as the generation of waste and depletion of natural resources.

The impact of all aspects of an event must be considered including aims and messaging, food services, energy consumption, location and transportation, and waste generation. Refer to the Sustainable Events Guide to find out how to reduce the ecological footprint of events and help make Macquarie University more sustainable."


As outlined in the Disability Action Plan, the University has a legal responsibility to prevent discrimination against people with disability. Making events accessible for people with disability is also a legal requirement. Think about access and participation when you plan an event to ensure that everyone can have the same experience.

Some things to consider include:

  • choose an accessible venue that has ramp or lift access
  • make sure event signage is in place and clearly visible
  • accommodate the needs of guests who are deaf or have a hearing impairment

or who are blind or have a vision impairment through braille, Auslan interpreting, hearing loop and live captioning.

  • capturing accessibility requirements during the registration/ invitation process

For advice on ensuring your event is accessible to all attendees contact the Equity and Diversity Unit:

T: (02) 9850 9703

Inclusive events

The inclusive events checklist can be used to ensure accessibility and inclusivity have been considered when organizing events.

Inclusive events checklist

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