Completed projects

Completed projects

Since 2014, we've helped project teams across the University to identify and design opportunities for process improvement. Here are just some of the processes we've helped them implement:

Casual academic onboarding


To provide a seamless, efficient, consistent onboarding process that fully supports and equips (IT, TIP, HR Online, Policy and Procedures) casual academic staff for their teaching and ensures a positive student and staff experience


Start: Casual academic staff member accepts verbal offer
Finish:  Casual academic staff member gets first payment 

Project team




Phil Darnell

HR System Officer

Human Resources

Troy Reddy

Service Advisor

Information Technology

Isabella Trahn

Library Services Manager


Peter Keegan

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching


Beth Saunders

Online Education & Development Coordinator


Linda Carlaw



Lilia Draganov

Student Support Coordinator


Collette Ryan

Administration Manager, Linguistics

Human Sciences

Deliverables and measurables

  • Easier Process for Faculty
  • Homogenous Process
  • Improvement in survey results
  • Improved student experience
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduction in reportable issues
  • Reduction in staff teaching without active appointment
  • Improved engagement of casual academic staff plus they feel more valued

Faculty of arts – casual appointments


To deliver a process that is transparent, efficient, accurate, consistent and easy to report on with a reduction in delays and manual handling.  That the information on the forms accurately reflect the financial position of the department and the process is clearly communicated to all stakeholders.


Start: Casual staff member identified
Finish: HR report back to faculty

Project team

Raina Kim

Departmental Administrator, Ancient History

Farhana Haque

Departmental Administrator, Geography and Planning

Jacqueline Anker

Departmental Administrator,  Modern History

Nancy Guevara

Departmental Administrator, Indigenous Studies

Frances Thompson

Departmental Administrator, English

Simon To

Faculty Finance Manager, Arts

Claire Phelps

Payroll Advisor, HR/Arts

Deliverables and measurable

  • Reduced turnaround times for casual appointments
  • Visibility of budget implications for casual appointments and spend
  • More accurate forecast of the causal budget for each department
  • Research grant budgets are not overspent because of casual appointments
  • Process is clearly communicated to stakeholders
  • Reduction in the number of journal transfers for casual appointments

Casual academic recruitment


To deliver a scalable sessional recruitment process that facilitates the identification of quality staff required in an efficient, equitable, consistent, timeframe that meets all our regulatory requirements.


Start: Need identified
Finish: Verbal offer accepted

Project team

Jennifer Heward

Departmental Administrator, Arts

Gordon Brooks

Head of Department, Sessional Academic Staff Unit, Finance, Business and Economics

Melina Chan

Executive Officer Team Leader - Computing, Science and Engineering

Katherine Rodinoff

Human Resources, Client Group

Sharyon O'Donnell

Executive Officer Team Leader - Biological Sciences, Science and Engineering

Alison Pollard

Department Administration Manager, Human Sciences

Deliverables and measurables

  • Easier Process for Faculty
  • Homogenous Process
  • Pool of qualified and equitable academic casuals
  • Improvement in survey results

Research Project Account Set-up


A streamlined, timely, efficient, well-documented and well-governed process for research projects account set-up, leading to consistent, excellent customer service to all stakeholders that supports timely, accurate internal and external monitoring, reporting and planning.


Start: The research project is awarded funds.
Finish: Appropriate stakeholders have access to the system and utilise income or expenses.

Project Team

Phyllis HeggiePost-award Leader - Research Office
Heron JayawardenaResearch Information Officer - Research Office
Jennifer MartinHigher Degree Manager (Governance and Management) - Higher Degree Research Office
Sharon ChongManagement Accountant - Office of Financial Services
Stephanie GrolimundFinancial Reporting Coordinator - Office of Financial Services
Emmy Milan, Financial Reporting Officer - Office of Financial Services
Suchitra PatkiFinancial Accountant - Office of Financial Services
Simon Tilley,Faculty Finance Manager, Human Sciences - Office of Financial Services
Irina ZakoshanskiFaculty Research Manager - Faculty of Science and Engineering
Bita Nadersepahi,Finance Coordinator - DVC Research
Laura YangFinance Executive Officer - Faculty of Human Sciences
Roger ChungAssociate Dean, Research - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Deliverables & Measurables

  • Reduced overspend and underspend.
  • Reduced time from contract execution to project activation date.
  • Systematic workflow.
  • Improved data quality.
  • Data quality review of existing projects.
  • Clear accountabilities.
  • On time invoicing and reporting.
  • KPIs for process deliverables.
  • Improved reporting outputs from systems

Research funding applications


Create a process that will facilitate efficient and high quality research funding proposals


Start: Funding opportunity identified
Funding outcome notified

Project Team

Stoy Drinic

Research Proposals Leader

Mark Berlage

Research Partnerships Manager

Kyle Ratinac

Faculty Research Manager

Gill Ellis

Faculty Research Manager

Linda Evans

Lecturer, Ancient History

Heron Jayawardena

Research Reporting Officer

Deliverables & measurables

  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Improved user understanding
  • Higher quality applications, better success rates for applications
  • Higher numbers of competitive applications
  • Fewer barriers to application submission
  • The process contains appropriate checks and balances to ensure quality and compliance



Students have the confidence, knowledge and support required to enrol in their first classes


Start: Student accepts offer
Finish: Successful attendance at/participation in their first class

Project team

Neta MahbubaniStudent Administration ManagerFaculty of Business and Economics
Shyam HowlinStudent Administrative OfficerHuman Sciences
Rina BudiawanStudent Admin Officer Quality and SupportFaculty of Arts
Jamie GabrielManager, Student Administration

Faculty of Science

Melinda Chadwick

Student Connect Team Leader


Terry Hur

Project Officer


Pam Rooney

Senior Business Analyst


Cassandra Khamis

Orientation Program Manager

Campus Life

Craig Oliver

Asset Manager, Learning and Teaching.


David Indge

Lifecycle Manager

Student Administration

Susan Cowin

Student Administration and Services Manager


Alicia Fang

Student Administration Advisor

Student Administration

Deliverables and Measurables

  • Increase in retention
  • Increase in survey scores and feedback
  • Reduction in phones/enquiries
  • Reduction in individual cases
  • Decrease in time from offer to enrolment
  • Decrease in program advice for enrolments
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