• Technology

    Our systems and services keep us connected and working every day, often across a huge range of applications and needs. Our technology specialists can provide and support the hardware, software and tech items you need as well as look after your printing, network and storage requirements. Our support services are integrated into a single OneHelp system to make it easier for you to get all the help you need.

    • People management

      If you’re a manager of people, you need access to the tools and resources that can help you to develop your team. You can also take advantage of the support that’s available to you that will help you grow your people management skills.

      • Office and property services

        Macquarie University Property is responsible for the planning, development, management and maintenance of the University's infrastructure and buildings. They look after the space and facilities needed to achieve our learning, teaching and research goals. Our property experts provide key building, infrastructure, development, investment and asset management services across the Macquarie Campus as well as a range of services to help you get things done and keep comfortable.

        • Strategic planning and BPII

          The University is a large complex organisation comprised of many specialist areas, each with their own processes and procedures. We’re always looking to make our processes as efficient as possible and we encourage our people to suggest better ways of doing things.

          • Financial and legal

            We’ve made it easy to manage your financial responsibilities and keep track of budgets, expenditures and reporting. We’ve also got a range of standard agreements and templates for you to adapt for your needs.

            • Marketing and communications

              Find the resources and support you need to provide a consistent and coherent brand experience for our students, prospective students, alumni and supporters. Access the guidelines, procedures and templates you need to promote the University and engage with your audiences.

              • Events

                Events play a vital role at Macquarie University, delivering value and supporting strategic outcomes by rewarding student achievements, enhancing the student experience and attracting new students and partners.

                • Other resources

                  We’ve pulled together some of the most frequently used resources to make it easier for you to find them.

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