Early career research network

Early career research network

The ECR Network and COVID-19

Although it is not “business as usual”, the ECR Network is still “open for business”. We are currently updating and tailoring our 2020 workshops and events, taking into consideration these new working conditions – see our list of events and resources below and please keep an eye out for more coming soon. We are also looking into resources and platforms to better connect the ECR community during this time of social distancing.

We would also like to hear from you as to what support you need at this time. The ECR Network Team are currently working remotely to do our small bit in flattening the curve so you can best reach us via email. You can also reach out to us via your faculty and department ECR Representatives.

ECR Network Advisory Group

ECR Network Advisory Group meetings are held every two months. Their purpose is to share information between faculties and central support and recommend activities for the ECR Network team to develop. If you wish to discuss Faculty-specific ECR support or provide suggestions for University-wide initiatives, contact your Faculty representative:

Faculty of Arts

Dr Katrina Hutchison
E: katrina.hutchison@mq.edu.au

Dr Tom Baudinette
E: tom.baudinette@mq.edu.au

Dr Sarah Powell
E: sarah.powell@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Arts Department Representatives

MQ Business School

Dr Lara Tolentino
E: laramie.tolentino@mq.edu.au

Dr Han Li
E: han.li@mq.edu.au

Dr Rohan Best
E: rohan.best@mq.edu.au

MQ Business School Representatives

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Dr Marina Junqueira Santiago
E: marina.junqueirasantiago@mq.edu.au

Dr Elizabeth Austin
E: elizabeth.austin@mq.edu.au

Dr Jinhyun Cho

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Department Representatives

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Dr Matt Fernandez (covering for Dr Michael Swain)
E: matthew.fernandez@mq.edu.au

Dr Amy Cain
E: amy.cain@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Science and Engineering Department Representatives


Dr Kyle Ratinac
E: kyle.ratinac@mq.edu.au

A/Prof Clare Monagle
E: clare.monagle@mq.edu.au

A/Prof Jordi McKenzie
E: jordi.mckenzie@mq.edu.au

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research (Integrity and Development) Team

Distinguished Professor Lesley Hughes, Pro-Vice Chancellor Research (Integrity and Development)
E: lesley.hughes@mq.edu.au

Dr Megan Brewer, ECR Network Coordinator 
E: megan.brewer@mq.edu.au

Emily Brennan, PVCR Project Manager 
E: emily.brennan@mq.edu.au

Jeretta Krampah, PVCR Administration Officer
E: jeretta.krampah@mq.edu.au

Other support

Beyond the ECR Network, Macquarie provides a breadth of support for early career researchers, starting with orientation and onboarding through to the Research Office, faculty based support and various organisational units.

This includes helping you seek out external prizes and awards. The Macquarie Spectrum Mentoring program can help link you to the right person to guide you on your research path. The Library can help you access resource and information regarding copyright and publication. The Learning and Teaching unit can help you hone your teaching skills. For other matters, reach out to the Research Office or Human Resources.

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