Research Strategy

Research Strategy

Research strategy

As the youngest faculty of Macquarie University, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is in an active growth phase, and consequently needs to retain an agile approach to its research strategy. For that reason, the FMHS Research Strategy is a “living document” that we periodically review to ensure it is retains its relevance to the evolving research profile of the faculty.

MQ Health and faculty staff can access the latest version of the strategy.

Research infrastructure strategy

As outlined in the FMHS Research Strategy (strategy 2: research infrastructure and enablers), quality research infrastructure is foundational to our ability to conduct leading research. Consequently, we are in the process of developing a Faculty Research Infrastructure Strategy. Once that strategy is complete, it will be available to MQ Health and faculty staff from this page.

The process for capturing and prioritising ideas for research infrastructure is being refined, 2017's process is outlined here.

The FMHS Faculty Research Committee will be developing a new research infrastructure plan in 2019. We will open up a survey tool to capture ideas for possible research infrastructure needs and new technologies during the first quarter of 2019.

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