Guidelines and Procedures

Guidelines and Procedures

Guidelines and procedures

This page contains a growing repository of research-related guidelines, policies and procedures for doing research within the faculty. Other useful information and documentation can be found in the FMHHS wiki.

Doing research

Research within the faculty and MQ Health should be done in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the Macquarie University Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. All researchers in the faculty should be familiar with the codes.

Research publications

This brief guide for bylines in research publications is designed to help staff across MQ Health include the appropriate affiliation on their journal articles and other research publications.

Faculty research awards

These award guidelines outline the four categories of research awards, the departmental nomination process and the means by which the recipients will be decided. Please note that, to avoid additional work for our researchers and research students, these awards do not require an application process.

Research funding

There are several policies and procedures that apply to research funding with Macquarie University and FMHHS. Key ones include:

The Macquarie Research Indirect (Overheads) Costs Policy explains the reasons for and rates of indirect costs that need to be applied to research funding requests such as grant applications, partner-funded research studies and consulting work. Indirect costs are applied as a percentage rate on top of the direct costs (i.e. the total of project salaries and other project costs), although there are some situations in which indirect costs are not charged. Full details are given in the policy.

The Macquarie Project Ledger Accounts Policy explains how and when accounts are set up, including research accounts and individual academic accounts (see below).

Residual funds are left when funded research or consulting projects are completed without expending all of the funding. In the event that the funding body or partner does not require residual funds to be returned to them, the Macquarie Project Ledger Accounts Policy outlines broad principles by which those funds can be redeployed at the discretion of the relevant faculty (see Sections 5.4 and 5.5 of the policy). FMHHS' approach to managing the reuse of residual funds is outlined in the attached guidelines and application form. Any proposed application to redeploy residual funds for new research projects under these guidelines must commence with a discussion with the Faculty Finance Manager.

Individual academic accounts are established to receive general payments that are made to academics, clinicians or researchers for activities such as grant review, thesis examination, committee fees, honorariums and the like. These accounts provide academics and researcher with discretionary funds that can be used to support their research activities. This guide provides more details on FMHHS' approach to creation of individual academic accounts, including how academics can request creation of such an account.

Travel rules and documentation

Macquarie's Travel Policy, including the associated procedure, guideline and expenses schedule, provides important information for anyone travelling for research and other business purposes. FMHHS has a number of useful application forms and guides on its wiki, including travel application paperwork and HDR travel guidelines. For full details, please proceed to the wiki.

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