Submitting Grant and Fellowship Applications

Submitting Grant and Fellowship Applications

Where can I find information about submitting a research funding application at Macquarie University?

For a quick guide to the essential steps involved in successfully submitting a research proposal, please see the 'infographic', overview presented on the Macquarie University Research Services Grant applications webpage.

Support for the development, approval and submission of research funding applications and awards from Macquarie University are managed through the Pure Research Management System. Detailed information and support resources for the Pure RMS are available from the Research Hub supporting resources webpage. These include a New Starters guide, Quick Reference guides and FAQs.

The University Research Services also has a set of guidelines for submitting a research grant application on the Grant applications webpage.

Who submits funding applications from Macquarie University to the funding organisation?

All applications to external funding agencies must be submitted by University Research Services on behalf of Macquarie University. This is for various legal reasons and because the resultant grants usually involve significant additional commitments of time and resources from the University. For this reason, the University and most funding bodies require the appropriate sign off by relevant parts of University management that the resources to conduct the project will be made available and that the University is willing to have the project, as described in the application, conducted here.

If the funding scheme requires the submission of a grant application via an online application form, by the applicant, applicants are still required to set up a record of the application in the Pure Research Management System including a copy of the application contents.  The FMHHS Research Support team ( and the University Research Services Preaward team ( will complete strategic and compliance reviews of the application respectively.

Staff from the Research Services will communicate with the funding body on your behalf.

I need to provide details of an administrative contact from Macquarie University for my funding application.  Who should I list?

Ms Louise Fleck
Director, Research Services
Research Services Level 3
C5C East, Macquarie University NSW  AUSTRALIA 2109
Phone: +61 2 9850 4877

What do I need to do if I am a named investigator on an application that is to be submitted through another institution?

The University must be made aware if you are a named investigator on an application submitted through another administering institution (an 'external' application), and the Head of Department and Executive Dean must approve the commitment of the Macquarie University investigator’s time (and other resources) to the project before submission to the external funding body.

The Macquarie University applicant is expected to establish a record of any such 'external' applications in the University's Pure Research Management System. Detailed information and support resources for the Pure RMS are available from the Research Hub supporting resources webpage.

It is expected that where a Macquarie University investigator is making a commitment of time to an external project, there will be some benefit to Macquarie University. This benefit might include, e.g., a proportion of funding to Macquarie to undertake some of the research, joint publications, and/or joint student supervision.

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