Application development

Application development

I have decided to submit a funding application, what should I do now?

Support for the development, approval and submission of research funding applications and awards from Macquarie University is managed through the Pure Research Management System.  Please log in and start a record for your application in the Pure portal as soon as you decide to apply for a grant or fellowship. Detailed information and support resources for the Pure RMS are available from the Research Hub supporting resources webpage. These include a New Starters guide, Quick Reference guides and FAQs.

At that time, in addition to basic details about the investigator team, proposal title and so on, you will be required to enter the name of the scheme, the type of grant being submitted (eg project, grant-in-aid, fellowship, etc) and the closing date for application submission.  In addition, please advise via the 'History and Comments' section, within the Pure portal, if the Application Guidelines or the Application Form stipulate or request:

  • co-funding
  • sign-off on and approval for submission of grant applications by Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research, DVC(R), or their authorised delegate (Director of the Research Services); or additional nomination of and sign-off by another representative, for example, the chief financial officer, from the administering organisation (Macquarie University)
  • institutional performance data e.g. financial statements
  • certificates of insurance

Look out for any other aspects of the application process that you need to organise early, well ahead of the closing date eg you may need to:

  • submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EoI) ahead of a full application
  • register as an applicant
  • register online to allow access to the application
  • arrange for referee reports, letters of support (e.g. from Head of Department or Associate Dean of Research, ADR), Institutional (Macquarie University) Letter of Support and so on to be prepared and submitted for your application
  • include co-funding in the grant budget as specified in the funding rules for the scheme (see the faculty Guide to Co-funding Requests for grant application budgets)

It is advisable for applicants to also read the Funding Agreement (if available) and flag any unusual Terms and Conditions of award with the FMHHS Research Support team (

What FMHHS and other Macquarie University support resources are available to help me develop my funding application?

Academic mentors and peers are your initial point of contact for disciplinary feedback on the scientific rigour of applications and strategic advice about a research proposal or grant application. The Faculty Research Office will subsequently provide strategic review and feedback about the application. This feedback may include, for example, whether the proposed research is likely to be understood by reviewers from outside your field of expertise, readability and how well the significance, innovation and benefits of the research are portrayed, as well as other ‘grantsmanship’ aspects of the application.

For further information, please consult the following faculty documents:

Strategic support for grant and fellowship applications and Research Support contacts for grant applicants (graphic)

The following table summarises the basic items that are required for the majority of funding application budgets and where to find further information about each of these:

Budget Item

What to include

Further Information


* salary level requested eg Academic level A, step 6 or Professional H04, Step 3
* % of Full Time Equivalent work (FTE)
* % on-costs included

See the MQ Salary Rates (Academic, Professional, PhD Scholarships) on the University Research Services website, under 'Research Grant Resources'

Direct Research Costs

lab consumables, animal costs, etc.

FMHS Lab operations team

Indirect costs

if permitted by funding organisation:
* 25% of the first $200,000 of the Direct Costs, plus
* 15% of any amount of the Direct Costs above $200,000

Macquarie University's Indirect Costs Policy


costs including:
* flights or other transport
* accommodation
* per diem allowance

ATO Allowances (Per Diems)

Higher Degree Research Scholarships

number and dollar value of domestic or international scholarships for the project

See MQRTP and MQRTPMRES Schedules on the University Research Services website, under 'Research Grant Resources'


amount of co-funding approved by the faculty and/or the DVCR and what it will be used for (formal application for co-funding required, restrictions apply)

Macquarie University Co-funding webpage

What do I need to do if the Funding Organisation requires a Macquarie University cash or substantial in-kind financial commitment included in the budget as part of a grant application?

Applicants must obtain approval from the faculty and/or the DVC(R) (via the University Research Services) for the commitment of cash contributions as part of a grant or fellowship application prior to an application being submitted.

In the first instance, for further information about requesting cash and significant in-kind contributions from university sources, please contact the Faculty Research Office. See also, the faculty guide to Guide to co-funding requests and the Macquarie University Co-funding webpage.

The type and value of in-kind contributions committed within grant application budgets varies widely.  Examples include in-kind salary contributions, administrative support and donations/discounts of materials or equipment used for research. In many cases these can be approved by the Head of Department via the application approval process (within the Pure Research Management System); however, larger commitments may require additional levels of support and approval.  Please contact the Faculty Research Office ( for advice about the latter.

How do I apply for funding to support a PhD student to work on a grant-funded research project?

Scholarships for Higher Degree Research (HDR) at Macquarie University are available for specific projects. If you are applying for a grant that will bring funding to the university in support of a research project, the university may provide a HDR scholarship as long as certain conditions are met.  For further information, please consult the Macquarie University HDR Scholarships webpage.

I need to provide details of an administrative contact from Macquarie University for my funding application.  Who should I list?

Ms Louise Fleck
Director, Research Services
Research Services Level 3
C5C East, Macquarie University NSW  AUSTRALIA 2109
Phone: +61 2 9850 4877

Where do I source assistance and information about Ethics and Integrity, Biosafety and Defence Trade Control and Autonomous Sanction Acts related to research?

Information and assistance regarding all aspects of research ethics (human and animal, biosafety or biohazard, Defence Trade Controls and Autonomous Sanctions Acts) and integrity is available from the University Research Services Ethics, integrity and policies webpage.

Low-risk human ethics

The University has established faculty ethics subcommittees to review low-risk ethics applications for research involving human participants. These subcommittees review ethics applications deemed no more than 'low-risk', which is defined by the National Statement as "research in which the foreseeable risk is one of discomfort [only]". For further information, please see the University Research Services Human ethics webpage and/or contact the Faculty of Medicine Health and Human Sciences, Ethics Support team (

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