EnCouRage - Early Career Researcher network

EnCouRage - Early Career Researcher network


FMHS early career researcher network

The aim of the EnCouRage network is to drive and coordinate programs and initiatives that support early career researchers (ECRs). We aim to provide opportunities for cross-departmental networking, collaborations and career development for ECRs, including post-docs and other research-active staff.

The EnCouRage network was initiated in the Department of Biomedical Sciences within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) and now integrates all five departments within the faculty: Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Health Systems and Populations, Health Professions, and the Australian Institute of Health Innovation.

Committee Members:

Marco Morsch - President

Hamideh Shahheydari - Vice-President

Marina Junqueira Santiago - Secretary

Magdalena Lam - Treasurer

ECR initiatives:

Some of the initiatives that have been established since our start in 2015 are:

Annual EnCouRage Research Symposium
  • Under the theme "Bringing our research together", the yearly full-day symposium showcases areas of strength and emerging research from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, with a focus on postgraduate and early career research.
Mentoring program
  • This mentoring program provides an opportunity for ECRs to engage with staff, other than their current line managers, to discuss career-related topics. While the specific objectives of this program will vary for each individual, the overall goal is to assist ECRs in achieving their long-term career aspirations.
Publication awards
  • The purpose of this award is to recognise ECRs who have published excellent, high-impact research in the previous year.
Small grants
  • The Department of Biomedical Sciences awards small grants (up to $1,500) to ECRs to support their research and training.
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