MQ Health Clinical Innovation and Audit Committee (CIAC)

MQ Health Clinical Innovation and Audit Committee (CIAC)

The MQ Health CIAC was established to provide organisational oversight of quality assurance activities, audits, surgical innovations and new interventions, including devices to be introduced to Macquarie University Hospital (MUH) and to ensure those are reviewed and supported by evidence of safety, effectiveness and financial governance.

If you determine that your project is an audit, quality assurance, innovation, or new intervention, you need to apply for approval by CIAC.

Please complete the following and submit electronically to

What is the difference between research and audit?

Clinical audit is a way of finding out if health professionals are doing what they should be doing. Are we following guidelines, and are we using best practice? 

Key differences between audit and research include:

  • Research creates new knowledge about what works and what is best; a clinical audit tells us if we are following current best practice.
  • Research can involve patients trying an untested treatment method; clinical audit never involves patients trying new treatment methods.
  • Research may involve a degree of experimentation on patients; clinical audit never involves anything happening to the patient which is different to their normal treatment.
  • Research may involve allocating patients to different treatment groups; clinical audit never involves allocating patients to different treatment groups.
  • The results from research are generalisable; clinical audit results are applicable within local settings only.
  • Research involving staff, patients, their tissue or data, or facilities and equipment requires approval by a human ethics committee; clinical audit rarely requires ethics approval.

Please check Research or innovation decision tool.

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AUDIT AND QUALITY ASSURANCE ACTIVITIES (QA) - Such activities aim to identify and quantify what is currently being done (or not done), and/or the extent of a problem, practice or behaviour to gain knowledge that may then be used to improve a service or practice.

INNOVATIVE SURGICAL PROCEDURE - An innovative surgical procedure (technique or device) is any procedure that meets 1 or more of the following criteria: the technique/device used is new or differs from the standard technique in 1 or more of the following ways: altogether new, new to anatomical location, or new to patient group.

NEW INTERVENTION - A new intervention is a procedure not previously performed within Macquarie University Hospital, but performed in another hospital. This will include variations to an existing treatment, a new medication or device or a new process introduced to deliver health care.

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