Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Research Resources

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Research Resources

Research related-resources for staff and students

Welcome to the FMHS research resources website, where we provide information and resources that will help you in managing your research within the faculty.

  • Research strategy

    Here you can access the FMHS Research Strategy and other relevant documents.

    • Guidelines and procedures

      This page contains a growing repository of research-related guidelines, policies and procedures to support your research.

      • Grants and funding support

        This section answers a range of questions about, and provides diverse resources for, seeking research funding, for development of applications and proposals, and for managing grant or other project funding once awarded.

        • Clinical research governance

          This section describes the FMHS and MQ Health Clinical Research Governance Framework, and includes the relevant forms to seek governance approval for clinical studies to be conducted at Macquarie University Hospital, FMHS or Macquarie clinics.

          • FMHS Low-risk Human Research Ethics Subcommittee

            A brief guide to how low-risk applications are managed through the faculty subcommittee.

            • EnCouRage: FMHS early career researcher network

              Run by early career researchers, EnCouRage is an important part of helping to develop and foster our young researchers. Find out more detail about EnCouRage and its activities on this page.


              For advice about research funding or research strategy, or answers to general Left to right: Dr Yordanka Krastev, Dr Kyle Ratinac, Ms Tammy Harwood, Dr Gillian Hulst, Dr Lyn Schedlich.research questions: fmhs.researchsupport@mq.edu.au

              Dr Kyle Ratinac, Faculty Research Manager, 9850 2788 (or x2788)

              Dr Gillian Hulst, Research Projects Coordinator, 9850 2751 (or x2751)

              Dr Lyn Schedlich, Research Grants Officer, Mon, Tues, 9850 2720 (or x2720)

              For advice about low-risk ethics applications: muhsc.ethics@mq.edu.au
              Ms Tammy Harwood, Administrator, Research & Ethics, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 9850 4571 (or x4571)

              For advice about clinical research strategy and governance processes: clinical.research@mqhealth.org.au
              Dr Yordanka Krastev, Clinical Research Manager, 9850 2834 (or x2834)

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